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10 Tips for First Time Campers

10 Tips for First Time Campers

By Roman Trail

Camping for beginners can come across as a little intimidating and may seem like a lot of work. But, fear not my beginner camping friends! We have created a beginners camping guide filled with tips to help you feel more comfortable during your first camping experience. Once you are able to camp for the first time, you’ll truly appreciate the hype around camping and have the chance explore the great outdoors, get some fresh air, and enjoy open space.

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  1. For first-time campers try to choose a very beginner-friendly destination. By that, I mean one that has a bathroom nearby, not remote, and located inside of a park. This is an easy way to ease into the camping life, but not dive fully in. Especially if camping with small children, the bathroom and being in a more central location can take some stress off. 

  2. Starting simple during your a first trip makes camping for beginners a must easier process. Maybe consider just an overnight trip for your first camping experience. That way, you can really identify what you need to make your next camping trip a bit more comfortable. We’d also recommend staying close to home and not partaking in a backpacking trip for your first time. Staying close to home allows you the flexibility to grab something you may have forgotten.

  3. Tents come in all different types of sizes and shapes. But, don’t just pick one that looks the most visually appealing! You’re going to want to analyze what each offers. Also, be sure not to cheap out on your tent! Durability, functionality, and comfort all play a role when choosing a tent. We’d suggest picking a tent for 2 more people than what is actually sleeping within it. That way, you’ll feel like you have enough space for you and your things! 

  4. Anyone else out there get super cold super easy? I prefer a much warmer sleeping bag while others might prefer a cooler one depending on the season. Think about what the temperature is going to be when you go, and then choose a sleeping bag that will accommodate the lowest possible temperature at night. Trust me, you do not want to feel cold or uncomfortable while you’re sleeping! Also, comfort is a must, the Self-Inflating WOO Sleeping Pad is a must for getting a good night sleep while camping. You simply place it under your sleeping bag for added comfort. It’s also self-inflating so you can easily deflate and pack away!

  5. Arrive at your campsite with at least two hours of sunlight available. Your first time setting up your campsite might take you an hour, especially if you’ve never put a tent up before. If you have the time, practice setting up your tent at home before you leave so you’re not struggling with it at the campsite when you could be having fun. 

  6. When you first set up your campsite, place your tent on a level surface at least five feet away from the campfire. Always attach the rain flap to the top of your tent even if there is no forecast of rain, you never know when you might have a sudden downpour in the middle of the night. Better to be safe than sorry! Put your tent up first and then organize your camp kitchen area next.

  7. If you are camping in an area with bears remember to place all food, dishes, and anything that smells yummy (even toothpaste) into the bear containers if provided. Don’t keep food in your tent, camper, or car as the objective is to make it so the bears can’t smell or see your food. If they see a cooler in the back of your car, they think one thing – lunch – and will do what they can to get to that cooler of goodies.

  8. String your trash up in a tree to keep the critters at bay. Empty your trash every night before you go to bed.

  9. You’re going to want to have your meals planned ahead of time (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). This way, you can guarantee that you’ll have enough food to last you the duration of your camping trip. Also, don’t forget essentials like a headlamp to help you see to cook dinner and walk around.

  10. And last, don’t forget to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with a few days out in nature. Overstressing about small details can make what should be relaxing, a stressful event and put everyone in a bad mood. Relax and take in all that nature has to offer and your first camping trip will be great!

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