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#252 Lava Linens – Creating A Better Option & More Sustainable Travel Towel. Co-Founder Mary Swanson Sharing Her Story





Lava Linens

Lessen your footprint & Broaden your adventure

With the travel towel that does it all, better

To find out more behind how Lava Linens got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Lava Linens co-founder, Mary Swanson

More about the episode

Matt sits down with Lava Linen’s co-founder Mary Swanson. Lava Linens make linen travel towels designed to be a much more environmentally friendly option than microfiber towels.

Lava Linens is a family business run by Mary, her sister Caitlin Dickman, and their mother Sheila Bannigan that was started when Mary decided to take a hard left turn with her career and found herself on the trip of a lifetime. While putting together her gear list, she wanted a towel she could easily travel with and still provide more comfort than your typical microfiber towel. After a ton of research, Mary and Sheila didn’t just stumble upon Linen as being the best option they also unearthed the fact that Linen in many ways was a wildly more sustainable fabric than microfiber and synthetic materials in general while still performing just as well. It wasn’t too long into her backpacking excursion when Mary realized she couldn’t be the only one looking for a non-synthetic option so she promptly, called up her mother and sister and began rolling the snowball that is Lava Linens. Although they’re starting with linen travel towels, their sights are on the horizon and they have some serious plans for the future. This all-star team of women isn’t just looking to change how people shop for products but, encourage them to be more mindful in the process.

In this episode of Built On Passion Mary Swanson shares how Lava Linens got its start and what sent her down a rabbit hole of sustainable manufacturing, the wonders of linen’s practicality, and how Lava Linens is helping to steer outdoors and travel enthusiasts away from petroleum-based products containing microplastics

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