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#254 CaniBrands // Chris Lord – Creating Problem Solving CBD Experiences









A CaniBrands Experience

For whatever kind of support you need

To find out more about how CaniBrands got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews CaniBrands founder, Chris Lord

More about the episode

Matt sits down with Cani-Brands founder Chris Lord. Cani-Brands is made up of four distinct CBD experiences (Cani-Sleep, Cani-Boost, Cani-Mend, & Cani-Fresh) designed to help you get the most out of your CBD products.

Throughout Chris’s extensive experience in the business world, there are two things that for him always come first when building a successful company; Strong customer service and a problem-solving mentality. That’s precisely the idea behind each experience, to give the customer a solution for the problem they are turning to CBD to help treat. Not only do they provide different approaches to common ailments but offer options on how to enjoy your CBD products (tinctures, capsules, or even an oral spray just to name a few) Although Cani-Brands wasn’t his first rodeo and it hasn’t been all smooth sailing, Cani-Brands is on track to be a widely recognized brand built on relationships and positive experiences. Having already been accepted by a ton of professional athletes (and showing up in ¾ of NHL Locker Rooms) It’s pretty clear that Cani-Brands is on to something.

In this episode of RY Outfitters | Built On Passion Chris Lord shares his approach to customer service & marketing, how he built some poignant relationships, and what it takes to truly build brand identity.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Chris and his background in the corporate world leading up to CaniBrands.

  • Chris weighs in on the central premise behind CaniBrands; that of helping his customers.

  • The central role that solving for problems like sleep and pain play in the CaniBrands offer.

  • Switching the focus from ‘canna’ to ‘can I?’; the story of the development of the CaniBrands concept.

  • The CaniBrands approach to developing the products under each of their brands.

  • Partnering with doctors and professional athletes to develop high-end offerings and market the brand.

  • How CaniBrands got into three-quarters of all NHL dressing rooms.

  • New markets looking for alternative solutions and the role education plays marketing CaniBrands.

  • Granular approaches to personalized dosage to guide customers to self-medicate.

  • How CaniBrands is differentiating themselves by blending CBD with other ingredients.

  • Regulatory hurdles that stand in the way and how CaniBrands has overcome them.

  • How digital marketing fits into the CaniBrands strategy of creating awareness.

  • Creating visibility and awareness through the formation of authentic partnerships.

  • The high customer satisfaction numbers and what gets Chris motivated about his company.

  • Lessons learned and why Chris steered the CaniBrands ship away from a THC to a CBD company.

  • Some of the biggest mistakes Chris made while building CaniBrands and how they became ‘fast learnings’.

  • Final takeaways with Chris and advice for people who want to start businesses.

  • How to find CaniBrands online and learn more about its amazing products.



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