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#255 Puori // Oliver Amdrup – Cleaning Up The Supplement Industry








Going above and beyond

To create the cleanest products

To find out more about how Puori got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Puori founder, Oliver Amdrup

More about the episode

Matt sits down with Puori founder Oliver Amdrup. Puori is a supplement company dedicated to giving you the highest quality supplements while providing full transparency of the ingredients in their products.

Oliver’s passion for health and nutrition came way before he started Puori and was the main motivation for him to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. As Oliver studied nutrition he looked at what was on the market and realized that there was a huge lack of transparency with supplement brands who weren’t forthcoming with some of the finer details of their products’ ingredients. This lack of transparency built the foundation of Puori and helped them not only stand out but give consumers something they’ve been searching for; accountability. Puori’s mission is to raise the standards of the supplement industry and create products that are made using the cleanest and highest quality possible. With their partnership with the Clean Labels Project, there’s no question that they are well on the way to raising the bar for the industry.

In this episode of RY Outfitters | Built On Passion Oliver Amdrup shares how and why he started Puori and what the road has been like in building a brand with such a high commitment to high-quality products and transparency.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • We meet today’s guest Oliver Amdrup, a health nerd, father, and lover of entrepreneurial journeys.

  • An introduction to Oliver’s company, Puori, and its commitment to providing clean supplements.

  • Puori’s strategy as a company is not being the first to provide a product, but to provide evidence-backed, potent, and most importantly, clean supplements.

  • The importance of having a rigorous process to ensure clean supplements since it’s easy to also concentrate pesticide and other toxins during formulation.

  • Puori’s choice to supply a select range of supplements that most people are deficient in.

  • The undisputed damage of environmental toxins and the rigorous process of ensuring clean supplements.

  • Oliver shares the story of how he and his business partner Julius first conceived of Puori and decided to start the company.

  • A breakdown of the steps necessary to create supplements.

  • A list of the key considerations for Puori when creating supplements.

  • The challenges involved with sourcing ingredients and the differences in different types of products.

  • The high amount of environmental toxins in plant-based proteins and the challenge that poses to sourcing.

  • The constant process of formulating to ensure the highest standard.

  • The initial challenges that Puori faced in getting customers interested in their products.

  • Specific hurdles that accompany digital marketing, most notably regulation disparities in different countries and the contradictory information that proliferates online.

  • Connecting with consumers who are interested in clean supplements.

  • The challenges of being a fully transparent company.

  • Compromises that Puori has made for the sake of transparency.

  • Puori’s relationship with the Clean Label Project.

  • Puori’s long-term goals for third-party testing in the industry.

  • Oliver shares some of the biggest challenges he’s experienced as an entrepreneur.

  • We hear Oliver’s tips and advice in the world of entrepreneurship and business.



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