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#258 HybridLight // Terry Peterson – How Building A Better Product Can Make All The Difference



Lighting the way to adventure

Without being bound by batteries

To find out more about how HybridLight got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews HybridLight founder, Terry Peterson







More about the episode

Matt sits down with HybridLight founder Terry Peterson. HybridLight makes high-quality flashlights and lanterns all of which have some kind of double feature. Most of them act as a device charge or have a solar charging component.

Terry got into the flashlight game because of an interesting opportunity. What he thought was a one-off business venture quickly became a hobby and snowballed substantially from there. After his first build, he ended up getting such great feedback to the point where he couldn’t ignore the writing on the wall and started HybridLight as a serious endeavor. As a brand HybridLight goes far above and beyond creating an incredible product while keeping their price point at a level that makes sure they have something in just about anyone’s price range. What’s even more jaw-dropping is Terry and his team haven’t spent a dime on advertising which in 2021 is beyond impressive. HybridLight has also been committed to creating opportunities to give back to the community and with their fundraising program, they’ve been able to help countless people in a truly unique way. HybridLight is a phenomenal example of how focusing on your product and really solving a problem in the most honest way possible can pay off in dividends and when you have passion in the driver seat, you can’t lose.

In this episode of RY Outfitters | Built On Passion Terry Peterson shares the value of not following your passion but bringing it with you. How staying product-driven can drive a business, and how & why he built HybridLight.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Terry’s upbringing on a farm, and a vacation destination which became his home.

  • What flashlights were like when Terry was younger.

  • A chance encounter that got Terry’s into the flashlight business.

  • The additional features of the flashlight that Terry invented, the HybridLight.

  • Interesting people that Terry gets the opportunity to meet through his work.

  • Growth that HybridLight has experienced, despite the fact that they don’t advertise.

  • Lumen levels and different colors that are available in HybridLight flashlights.

  • The process that Terry went through to develop HybridLight’s product range.

  • What the HybridLight Atlas Fire feature is.

  • A game-changing design concept for HybridLight that is still in the pipeline.

  • Terry’s drive to provide a quality product at an affordable price.

  • Hear a story about how HybridLight’s can save lives!

  • Strategies that Terry utilized to promote HybridLight.

  • The sustainability commitments of HybridLight.

  • How Terry expects HybridLight will grow over the next few years.

  • Challenges that Terry has experienced on his journey with HybridLight.

  • Advice from Terry for anyone who wants to start a business.



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