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#259 HydroSwell // Kaydn Jensen – Helping People Stay Fueled To Stay On Track & Live A Healthy Life

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Priming you with the tools to be healthier

And live a happier life

To find out more about how HydroSwell got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews HydroSwell co-founder, Kaydn Jensen

More about the episode

Matt sits down with HydroSwell co-founder Kaydn Jensen. HydroSwell is a budding supplement brand that has come out of the gate swinging with a hydration + protein mix filling a gap in the supplement world.

With a lot of people progressing into adulthood and beyond, it’s not uncommon for us to grab sugary drinks or caffeinated beverages as a pick-me-up. The problem is, that becomes a slippery slope when it turns into a habit, and that’s exactly what Kaydn aims to help fight through HydroSwell. Creating healthy habits usually starts with your diet, and with creating HydroSwells Pro Loco Kaydn wants to help keep people satisfied and properly fueled without getting too carried away. So what was the spark that pushed Kaydn to concoct this kind of supplement? This was something that he himself was looking for but couldn’t quite find and after reaching for one too many sugar drinks, he decided to get his hands dirty and create what he couldn’t find. After a long R & D process, he figured out something that not only worked for him but also filled a void within the market. A great drink mix to help keep you going, stay hydrated, stay satiated, and help you get started with living a healthier lifestyle.

In this episode of RY Outfitters | Built On Passion Kaydn Jensen shares, what it took to really develop what he wanted HydroSwell to be from idea to final product, how rocky waters can serve as a great proving ground for entrepreneurs, and his how and why behind starting HydroSwell

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest, Kayden Jansen,

  • What HydroSwell is, the products that they have, and how they differ from similar ones on the market.

  • Hear about the experience that led Kayden to create HydroSwell.

  • The grueling process of finding the different ingredients that go into HydroSwell’s ProLoco.

  • Benefits of being a product that straddles across categories.

  • The two segments of the market that HydroSwell has found they resonate with most.

  • Some of the ways that HydroSwell has gotten their products out there so far.

  • How HydroSwell plans to cut through the noise of the supplements industry.

  • Habits before weight loss: HydroSwell’s approach to health.

  • HydroSwell’s plan for a coaching program that looks to teach people healthy habits.

  • What HydroSwell’s growth has been since their launch, nine months ago.

  • The biggest challenge that HydroSwell has encountered so far.

  • Marketing channels that HydroSwell currently utilizes.

  • Kaydn’s advice for budding entrepreneurs and founders.

  • The best part of running a company, according to Kaydn.



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