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#260 Earth Echo Foods // Craig Collins – Superfoods For A Healthier You And Cleaner Mother Earth


Earth Echo Foods

Superfoods for better health

And a healthier planet

To find out more about how Earth Echo Foods got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Earth Echo Foods co-founder, Craig Collins







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Matt sits down with Earth Echo Foods co-founder Craig Collins. Earth Echo Foods makes nutritious superfoods designed to promote a healthier lifestyle in the most natural way possible while pushing to help heal mother earth any way they can.

Craig and his wife and co-founder Danette are no strangers to the entrepreneurial world. They got their start by building a strong community around a fitness site and as they gained more and more traction their following started to ask about supplements. It didn’t take much for Danette and Craig to decide to answer the call of their community but they knew if this is something they were going to do they wanted to do it right and take it all the way. After going above and beyond to find the best possible ingredients, that aren’t just packed with vital nutrients but, also responsibly harvested, they came up with their Cacao Bliss. It didn’t take long for them to sell out and with their customers raving about what they had concocted it was pretty clear that they had once again caught lightning in a bottle and decided to officially start Earth Echo Foods.

In this episode of Built On Passion Craig Collins shares the steps they took to fine-tune a product to fit exactly what their community wanted and some of the challenges they faced, the lengths they are going to make sure Earth Echo foods are operating as sustainably as possible, and their how & why behind starting Earth Echo Foods.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest Craig Collins, CEO and Co-Founder of Mindful Health LLC.

  • Hear how Craig co-founded Mindful Health and Earth Echo Foods.

  • How Craig and his wife decided to develop their own supplements after receiving numerous queries from clients.

  • More about their flagship product Cacao Bliss and why it’s such a beneficial product.

  • How they were able to leverage their customer base from Mindful Health LLC to market their supplements.

  • Their commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices in the cacao trade.

  • How Craig’s wife, Danette May was integral to developing their first superfood products.

  • Craig breaks down how they educated their customers on the benefits of cocoa, using educational videos and articles on social media platforms like Facebook.

  • How ceremonial grade cacao is distinct from more processed forms of cocoa.

  • The challenges Craig faced in finding cocoa farmers that processed cocoa through more traditional methods that preserve its nutritional properties.

  • How their marketing practices have evolved to include influencers and Instagram.

  • Echo Earth’s commitment to ensuring they follow and develop increasingly sustainable practices.

  • Echo Earth’s partnership with Plastic Bank and Eden Reforestation Projects to offset their carbon footprint.

  • The logistical challenges of transitioning from an online company to an e-commerce company that sells physical products.



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