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#262 Local Laundry // Dustin Paisley & Connor Curran – Locally Made Apparel Putting The ‘Unity’ In ‘Community’

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Matt sits down with Local Laundry co-founders Dustin Paisley & Connor Curran. Local Laundry is an apparel brand based in Calgary Canada that goes far beyond fashion and fabrics.

Local Laundry was created around the question “what if clothing can bring people together?” (Ironically enough this was a thought Connor had while studying abroad in Sweden RIGHT before seriously having it out a washer machine). In any event, Despite Local Laundry primarily being an apparel brand, community and expression are two major keystones that fully drive the soul of what it was built to become; a community and platform of self-expression. From where they source their fabrics, to their manufacturing, and even the brands they collaborate with, everything about Local Laundry is rooted in community and connectivity. While Local Laundry makes incredible clothing, it gets way more interesting beyond the hoodies and hats.

It might be their goal of raising $1,000,000 for local communities by 2030, or the countless partnerships and connection to the community where they’ve dug their roots but, there’s a magic beyond the company that starts to really become captivating when you look beyond the surface. More importantly, Dustin and Connor, show just how important it is to truly breathe life and soul into a company. The ideals behind their brand are an extension of something they believe in and that has made all the difference in not just their brand identity but, their impact on their customers and the relationships they’ve made over the years.

In this episode of Built On Passion Dustin Paisley & Connor Curran share how they cultivated such a strong community, the power of relationships and where that can lead you, and their how & why behind starting Local Laundry

“I think as human beings we all crave community and we all crave connection, and Local Laundry has just been the vehicle for that.”

— Connor Curran

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Connor Curran and Dustin Paisley, who founded Local Laundry.

  • The story of how the concept for Local Laundry was sparked in Sweden.

  • How it grew into a business with four full time, and one part time employee.

  • Local Laundry’s goal to donate over a million dollars to local charities across Canada.

  • How they found the local manufacturers that make the product line today.

  • One of the main problems they run into as a business: the cost of labour.

  • How COVID19 has affected their sales, but helped people to prioritize supporting local.

  • How they started creating products for companies that communicate company values.

  • Local Laundry’s holistic philosophy to have a real relationship with everyone who touches it.

  • Why, in order to build a community around your brand, you have to care about relationships.

  • The role of the podcast, bookclub, and meetups in creating community and connection.

  • Common feedback from customers: I love what your brand is doing.

  • How, from the start, philanthropy has been at the heart of the business.

  • Why it is possible for everyone to give back, no matter how big or small you are.

  • The importance of working with others and building community to build your success.

  • Why Dustin and Connor want to build their business slowly and carefully with big aspirations.

  • How business is a part of life, rather than their only focus.

  • How they are working to offset their carbon impact with recycled materials and why they publish their statistics in this area.

  • The aim to donate a percentage of each sale to do good.

  • The best part of Local Laundry experience: the sense of fulfillment and connection, never having to buy clothes again, being able to see consumer behavior through global changes.



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