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#271 BATCH // Dennis Mistrioty – Building A CBD Industry Staple From The Ground Up

Batch CBD

Making the finest CBD products

With Transparency, Authenticity, and Effectiveness

To find out more about how Batch CBD got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Batch CBD co-founder, Dennis Mistrioty







More about the episode

Matt sits down with Batch CBD co-founder Dennis Mistrioty. Batch CBD doesn’t just make incredible CBD products. They also serve as a CBD testing facility and manufacturer for countless other CBD brands.

Batch started when Dennis and his co-founders took the plunge into entrepreneurship as the CBD and hemp industry started to really blossom. However, Instead of heading straight into retail, they started with researching and learning everything they could about the agriculture and manufacturing of hemp and CBD and going on to open up a CBD testing facility. As time went on and the industry grew, so did they. They managed to snowball and expand into hemp extraction and then created their own brand, what we know as Batch CBD. Today they manufacture for some of the biggest brands on the market and have helped set the bar for sustainability, customer satisfaction, and above else, quality. Although it wasn’t necessarily the smoothest journey, through trial and error they found their voice and created their own CBD products.

In this episode of Built On Passion Dennis Mistrioty shares how they built one of the industry-leading CBD Manufacturers, some insights on how they handled marketing in a completely new industry, their approach to building their community and the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind starting Batch CBD

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Dennis Mistrioty, his background, and what led him to cofound Batch CBD.

  • How starting as a cannabinoid testing facility helped Batch establish a network in the industry.

  • Their shift in focus toward the consumer with their internal lab performing quality control.

  • How emerging technologies contribute to a growing industry like CBD.

  • Dennis reflects on the process of product development, starting with their first CBD tincture.

  • One of the biggest mistakes they made along the way and what Dennis learned from it.

  • Dennis’ perspective on CBD as a supplement and the regulations that come with that.

  • How Batch combats negative perceptions of CBD with their free sample campaign.

  • The hidden hurdles of the cannabis industry and the creativity required to overcome them.

  • The opportunities that grassroots marketing presents to interact with your audience.

  • Dennis offers some insights into how Batch CBD targets their diverse consumer base.

  • How experimenting with their own products helped Batch reach active lifestyle consumers.

  • Their commitment to sustainable practices in agriculture, manufacturing, and packaging.

  • Batch CBD’s involvement with One Tree Planted and how they like to give back.

  • Dennis’ take on the current climate of the CBD industry and why he believes it’s looking up.

  • His advice for those looking to start CBD brands: think about distribution and reputation.

  • The best part of running Batch, according to Dennis: appreciating different perspectives.



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