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Making healthy habits more enjoyable

Using the power of Vitamin C

To find out more about how Ener-C got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Ener-C founder, Richard Pollock



More about the episode

Matt sits down with Ener-C founder Richard Pollock. Ener-C makes a hydrating, energizing Vitamin C drink mix to make healthy habits more enjoyable.

Richard’s story of how he got into entrepreneurship, developed an interest in Vitamin C, and started Ener-C is so incredible, it sounds almost cinematic. It’s extremely personal to Richard, having experienced the life-changing effects of adjusting his diet and increasing Vitamin C. Childhood health issues led him to start a relationship with The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine who in turn helped him discover that Vitamin C was a major key to living a profoundly healthy life. Many years and business ventures later, he found himself working at a vitamin C focused company, we all know as Emergen-C. That’s where things start to get interesting. At the time it was a family-run business but the Pharmaceutical behemoth Pfizer got their hands on the company and flipped the entire operation on its head. They had let the entire company go, every last person down to the janitor. Despite the heartbreak of losing familiarity, Richard saw opportunity. Emergen-C was good but he knew he could do it better. So he and a few of his ex-Emergen-C co-workers got together, made a plan, and eventually got the entire gang back together to form what we now know as Ener-C

In this episode of Built On Passion Richard Pollock shares some of the hurdles of educating people and evangelizing about the importance of Vitamin C while dispelling some fallacies, some wisdom from his expansive entrepreneurial career, and the truly captivating ‘How’ and ‘Why’ behind Ener-C

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief introduction to Richard Pollock and his business, Ener-C.

  • Richard shares a fascinating fact about vitamin C; how it allowed us to travel the oceans.

  • Understanding more about vitamin C, which human beings don’t produce naturally.

  • Find out how Richard’s incredible journey with vitamin C started at just three-years-old when he was diagnosed with ADHD.

  • His early passion for entrepreneurialism and which came first; Pauling Labs or Ener-C.

  • Hear the origin story of Ener-C, which was started by a group of ex Emergen-C employees.

  • Why Richard says that she sees himself as an adventurer, not an entrepreneur.

  • The keystone of creating his new and improved product: changing the way people drank.

  • Learn more about electrolytes and the powerful role they play in Ener-C’s efficacy.

  • Discover how vitamin C keeps you young by helping with collagen production.

  • Richard elaborates on his role as an advocate for vitamin C globally.

  • Ener-C’s approach to education and raising awareness about the importance of vitamin C.

  • How Richard hopes to kickstart the research on vitamin C and health and wellness.

  • The demonstrable health differences that drinking Ener-C makes instead of soda.

  • Richard shares some of the trade secrets that make Ener-C taste so good.

  • Find out why Richard suggests mixing your cocktails with Ener-C rather than soft drinks.

  • The importance of rising above the noise and speaking authentically about your products.

  • How supplying Ener-C to first responders and health workers fulfills their corporate vision.

  • The correlation between vitamin C and kidney stones and why it’s not a concern with Ener-C.



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