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#273 Hiker’s Brew Coffee // Zach Pecha – Building A Better Coffee Company For Outdoor Lovers

Hiker’s Brew Coffee

Coffee For Adventurers & Travels

Who Actually Give A S**t About Our Planet

To find out more about how Hiker’s Brew Coffee got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Hiker’s Brew Coffee co-founder, Zach Pecha





More about the episode

Matt sits down with Hiker’s Brew Coffee founder Zach Pecha. Hiker’s Brew Coffee makes sustainably-minded coffee made for the outdoors.

Coffee is one of the most common daily routines in the world (and for good reason, it’s amazing). However, the waste and single-use plastic that it can create can be absolutely absurd. In creating Hiker’s Brew Coffee Zach and his co-founder/partner Addy Serum want to help push the coffee industry into a drastically more sustainable future, and it all started with their Venture Pouches. (though I’m 90% sure a cup of coffee came first). Zach and Addy went down the rabbit hole meticulously eliminating any single-use plastic in their packaging, finding coffee farms that were ethically and sustainably run, and even opt to run their operation with the smallest team possible to prevent any excess coffee from just sitting on the shelves. Their orders are made on purchase to make sure they’re avoiding wasteful excess production and, more importantly, to make sure their coffee is the freshest it possibly can. At the end of the day, it isn’t just the length at which Zach and Addy go to make sure their operation is sustainable, it’s their grit they show in sticking to their guns to maintain their high standards of quality and sustainability.

In this episode of Built On Passion Zach Pecha walks us through the steps they took to ensure their coffee operation was as sustainable as possible with the high-quality coffee, the benefits of staying a small batch company to stay true to their mission, and the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ behind Hiker’s Brew Coffee

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to passionate entrepreneur Zach Pecha and Hikers Brew Coffee.

  • The origin story of the company and their mission to create sustainably-minded coffee.

  • How Hikers Brew hopes to lead change and influence other brands to do better.

  • Where the idea for convenient, sustainable coffee for outdoor lovers came from.

  • Learn more about the progression of Hikers Brew products, starting with Venture Pouches.

  • Zach shares the research development process behind the Venture Pouches.

  • What’s next for Hikers Brew: the potential for compostable coffee pods and K-cups.

  • The value of transparency and consumer trust built into Hikers Brew’s brand identity.

  • Steering clear of the greenwashing that often comes with other sustainable brands.

  • Keeping up with orders as a small-batch company while remaining true to their mission.

  • Zach highlights the importance of self-education and staying up to date with the industry.

  • Learn about Hikers Brew’s recent limited edition snapchilled coffee product.

  • Sustainable initiatives that consumers can look forward to from Hikers Brew.

  • The potential for progressing sustainability efforts in agriculture and coffee cultivation.

  • Zach emphasizes the importance of buying organic, fairtrade coffee.

  • Which products Zach recommends for first-time Hikers Brew consumers.



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