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#274 Heather’s Choice // Heather Kelly – Backpacking Meals Made For Adventure

Heather’s Choice

A Personal Passion, that turned into a business

And is built to be SO much more

To find out more about how Heather’s Choice got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Heather’s Choice founder, Heather Kelly







More about the episode

Matt sits down with Heather’s Choice founder Heather Kelly. Heather’s Choice makes incredibly nutritious and delicious dehydrated backpacking food that doesn’t cut corners on ingredients.

This episode is a little bit of a different format than what you might be used to. We do hit a lot of entrepreneurial themes and we still dig into the nitty-gritty of what Heather’s Choice is all about but, I think what really sets this episode apart is Heather Really lays out her relationship with Heather’s Choice, Entrepreneurship, and the meaning behind it all. This isn’t just a job or career, this is a HUGE passion point for Heather, she even describes it as more of an art project. To sum up this episode simply, Heather Kelly is a badass, I wish we had more time to really dig into things and I’m. We really hit the ground running with this episode and dive into some deep topics

In this episode of Built On Passion, Heather Kelly dives into what entrepreneur means to her and how she approaches building and running her business, how she dove into a brand new career and fought her way to fine-tune her process while learning some tough lessons, and the “How” and “Why” behind Heather’s Choice

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Heather’s podcast, Relentless and Ridiculous, and the amazing guests she interviews.

  • The ways in which her priorities for her life and her business shifted when she turned 30.

  • Why it is important to create realistic expectations for yourself and your team.

  • How Heather is learning to set a sustainable pace and only make necessary sacrifices.

  • What she has learned about reframing guilt from working with a business coach.

  • Viewing your business as an extension of yourself and how to sustain both more fully.

  • The lessons Heather has learned from touring other manufacturing facilities in Anchorage.

  • Why she believes she is an artist at heart, how she is driven by ‘unreasonable generosity’, and what Heather’s Choice means to her.

  • How every step of her career path informed her role as CEO; being willing to take risks.

  • Hear about the first steps in Heather’s entrepreneurship journey and the ‘infectious enthusiasm’ she had for her vision.

  • A triple dog dare that inspired her to turn her dreams for Heather’s Choice into reality.

  • How Heather has built a roadmap for her business with adaptability and grace at its core.

  • The evolution of her focus; from juggling everything to having the discipline to delegate.

  • What she learned about collaboration and interdependence from her manufacturing mistakes.

  • Cutting through the noise and becoming a trendsetter in the backpacking food space.

  • Using the analogy of a rowing team to describe how Heather approaches competition.

  • Heather shares her grand vision for the Heather’s Choice brand: creating a new standard for what it means to live, work, and play in Alaska.

  • Her commitment to company culture and creating something to aspire towards for her team.

  • The mistake of giving up her power and what it taught her about creating systems that work.

  • Heather’s advice for new entrepreneurs: see challenges as opportunities for personal growth.



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