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#275 3RD ROCK // Jessica Mor – Sustainably made clothing for Dynamic Living

3rd Rock

Sustainably made clothing

For Dynamic Living

To find out more about how 3RD ROCK got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews 3RD ROCK founder, Jessica Mor







More about the episode

Matt sits down with 3RD ROCK founder Jessica Mor. 3RD ROCK makes expertly made activewear while challenging the limits on sustainable manufacturing in the fashion and apparel space.

There’s no question that 3RD ROCK’s apparel and activewear is awesome but, beyond the surface of their products is where the magic really happens. What started as a way to make better, more comfortable, and eco-friendly apparel quickly grew into something a little more. It’s easy to label yourself as a do-good company by donating some funds to an organization and calling it a day; however, 3rd Rock goes above and beyond to create sustainable products while doing what they can to make the climbing space much more inclusive.

In this episode of Built On Passion Jessica Mor shares how she jumped from the fashion world to the climbing industry, her approach for developing functional garments and sustainability, opening up climbing for as many people as possible, and the “How” and “Why” behind 3RD ROCK.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • A brief introduction to today’s guest, Jessica Mor of 3RD ROCK!

  • What Jessica learned about sustainability in her transition from biology to fashion.

  • Creating multifunctional activewear while also “bringing the fun back” to climbing apparel.

  • Find out how Jessica developed her technical pattern-cutting knowledge.

  • Some insight into the research and development behind sourcing fabrics for 3RD ROCK.

  • The challenges of developing sustainable processes throughout the lifespan of the business.

  • Jessica’s mission to leave the smallest footprint possible and how she quantifies that.

  • The role that consumers play in forcing brands to be more sustainable.

  • Why the sustainable way isn’t always the easiest way; but it’s the right way!

  • Learn more about how Jessica hopes to expand the 3RD ROCK brand.

  • The ways that the pandemic has influenced consumer tastes for more comfortable clothing.

  • How 3RD ROCK engages with the climbing community to create a more inclusive space.

  • How Jessica believes climbing can help people struggling with mental health issues.

  • Jessica’s advice for entrepreneurs who want to give back: have someone in your business that is dedicated to driving initiatives forward.



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