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#278 Lone Pine Gear Exchange // Katy Jackson – Your One Stop Shop For All things Outdoor Gear

Lone Pine Gear Exchange

WAY more than just

Your average gear shop

To find out more about how Lone Pine Gear Exchange got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Lone Pine Gear Exchange co-founder, Katy Jackson







More about the episode

Matt sits down with Lone Pine Gear Exchange co-founder Katy Jackson. Lone Pine Gear Exchange is an outdoor gear consignment shop and so much more. They also repair gear, tune skis, are a plastic-free refill station, a coffee shop, and act as a community hub for outdoor lovers of all kinds.

Getting out into nature and enjoying the outdoors is an extremely important part of the human experience, but it can be really hard to commit to living a life that helps reduce the human footprint on the places we love. That’s exactly the issue that Katy wants to address with Lone Pine Gear Exchange. Lone Pine Gear isn’t just a gear consignment shop, it gives anyone and everyone who wants to get outside a place to get everything they need to help keep supporting a cleaner and healthier planet. Katy and her partner didn’t flinch when they came up with the idea of an all-in-one stop for anyone who loves the outdoors as much as they do and although it seems like such a niche, and specific idea for a brick and mortar store, when you examine all the different aspects it touches on it seems to effortlessly make sense. Beyond helping people to enjoy and get into the sports they love, Lone Pine Gear Exchange is also rapidly serving as a community center for like-minded people to get together and share in whatever passion brings them together in nature.
In this episode of Built On Passion Katy Jackson shares the background of how Lone Pine Gear Exchange got started, how the idea developed, what roadblocks she’s faced along the journey, and the “how” and “why” behind Lone Pine Gear Exchange`

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Katy and how Lone Pine Gear Exchange is more than a ski shop.

  • The main motivation behind LPGE of wanting to take action against climate change.

  • A history of the building Katy converted into LPGE and how she altered it.

  • How LPGE is practicing sustainability and how this is being received by the community.

  • Overcoming challenges around picking the most sustainable brands.

  • How LPGE is fostering a sense of community through different initiatives.

  • The effects of COVID on the rollout of LPGE and how it adjusted to stay relevant.

  • Learning to accept what is possible to give to the business as a mother.

  • How Katy recharges by going outdoors and how she fits this into her schedule.

  • The biggest mistakes Katy has made in her career and the lessons she learned.

  • Advice for starting a brick-and-mortar business: build a supportive network!

  • Building a like-minded team and Katy’s favorite part about being a part of LPGE.

  • How to connect with Lone Pine Gear Exchange online.



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