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#280 Ranger Ready // Chris Fuentes – The Ultimate Protection From Bug Bites and Vector-Borne Illness

Ranger Ready



To find out more about how Ranger Ready got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Ranger Ready co-founder, Chris Fuentes







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Matt sits down with Ranger Ready co-founder Chris Fuentes. Ranger Ready makes a highly effective Picaridin insect repellent. Mosquitoes and ticks bites aren’t something to be taken lightly. Obviously, they can be a pretty big annoyance but there are some really life-changing diseases that you’re exposed to when you get bitten. Though there are plenty of bug spray options out there to help keep you protected, a good amount of them can still be fairly toxic to people so you have to ask yourself, ‘how can you actually protect yourself from exposure?’ That’s exactly what Chris Fuentes and Ted Kensten hoped to answer when they started Ranger Ready.

When Chris and Ted started Ranger Ready, they weren’t just looking for the next project to work on, they wanted to tackle a major issue that desperately needed a better option. They found that Picaridin was the key to making bug spray WAY safer for both people and pets than your average DEET bug spray. In fact, they even have the scientific findings behind it to back up their claim and the results are fairly staggering. Ranger Ready has been meticulously tested for effectiveness and has a scientific guarantee of offering 12-hours of protection. It’s easy to talk the talk but, Ranger Ready actually walks the walk and has the science to prove it. They also just so happen to be the bug spray of choice for some major organizations including SpaceX and the military. So what actually goes into creating and building a bug spray brand.

In this episode of Built On Passion Chris Fuentes shares what led him to dedicate himself to creating a better bug spray option, how they manage to stay committed to their mission, developed a devoted team leading to unparalleled customer service and satisfaction, and the “How” and “Why” behind Ranger Ready.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Chris, his background in marketing, and connections to the military.

  • The central role of passion, belief, and education in marketing a product you invented.

  • How climate change is increasing the risk of diseases like Lyme disease.

  • The risk of Lyme disease near Chris’s home and why he founded Ranger Ready.

  • A deeper dive into Chris’s past experience in marketing and market research.

  • The research that led to Chris sourcing Picaridin; discovering dissatisfaction with US bug sprays.

  • How Chris took Picaridin and optimized it to create a more user-friendly product.

  • Why being EPA registered makes Ranger Ready more legitimate.

  • Stories about the positive experiences the Navy and SpaceX had with Ranger Ready.

  • How Ranger Ready is being used to protect state park employees and visitors.

  • The role of dogs in spreading vector-borne diseases and how Ranger Ready can help.

  • Different aims Chris met in his purpose-driven approach to developing Ranger Ready.

  • Protecting trusted professionals and the thinking behind naming the brand Ranger Ready.

  • The negative effects of DEET and why Picaridin is so much better.

  • How to combat the spread of misinformation causing the use of bad bug sprays.

  • Sustainability initiatives at Ranger Ready: reusable bottles and more.

  • Scary data on Alpha-gal syndrome; how it is transmitted and the threat it poses.

  • Three tips from Chris about how to be a better entrepreneur.



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