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3rd Rock Organic Eco Climbing Apparel | RY Outfitters Spotlight

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3rd Rock

3rd Rock makes organic eco-climbing and lifestyle clothing that is arguably one of the most sustainably manufacture functional apparel you’ll find on the market. All of 3rd Rock clothes are sustainably made from organic cotton and ethically sourced. recycled materials, plastic bottles, with the goal of helping to reuse material and upcycle them to make a more closed-loop climbing fashion brand. There are a lot of options out there and we live in a time where we can also shop for brands that better align with our values. 

3rd Rock has been committed since the beginning to making as sustainable products as possible while opening up the sport to be more inclusive and encouraging newcomers! Literally, every step of their manufacturing process from sourcing materials to packing/shipping is meticulously made sure to be as sustainable as possible. 

Even the ethical standards of the facilities they work with are heavily put under scrutiny to make sure they are working with responsible manufacturers. Plus they are super transparent about where their products are manufactured.

If you are a conscious consumer (and climber) who’s looking for a more sustainable climbing apparel brand then 3rd Rock is more than worth checking out!

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