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ith the Covid-19 Pandemic causing many to feel a sense of “cabin fever,” gardening has become the perfect solution to escaping the house and ungluing from our computer screens and televisions. Gardening connects us to nature and reminds us that despite uncertainty in our society, mother earth continues to press on and provide us the vitamin D and fresh air we need to stay healthy.

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Felco Pruner – With nearly 800 positive reviews on Amazon, we’re not the only ones to agree that the Felco pruner is a gardening essential and the last pair you’ll ever buy. The angled cutting head safely prevents the tool slipping in your hand, while ensuring that the FELCO effectively becomes a part of you – to deliver ease of use, comfort that is immediately evident, along with less likelihood of muscle fatigue early on in your pruning tasks.

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PHOOZY Thermal Capsule – What better way to lift your spirits while gardening then to listen to upbeat tunes or a podcast on your phone?  But having your phone in the garden was usually a no no – until now.  The PHOOZY thermal phone case is your new sidekick – it’s water-resistant, dirt-resistant and keeps your phone from overheating in the sun. Now you can get down and dirty in the garden without fear of your phone being damaged from heat, water or dirt.

Kneeling Pad – Make your gardening more comfortable by using a kneeling pad made from a durable, high density foam that does not compress or degrade over time. Long hours planting and weeding in your garden will be so much more comfortable with this mat.

Gloves – Help keep your hands clean, cool, and comfortable with a pair of water-resistant, breathable gloves. Protect your hands from a long day of digging, carrying rocks, pulling weeds, or clipping branches.

Planting Trowel – This must-have tool is forged of supremely strong Boron steel, stays sharp and will not bend even after years of gardening work.

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*Mental Health Review Journal, 2013: ‘A review of gardening-based interventions for people experiencing mental health difficulties reported that benefits include a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety and an increase in attentional capacity and self-esteem.  Key benefits include emotional  benefits such as reduced stress and improved mood.’

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