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8bplus climbing bag

8B+ Chalk and Chalkbag Review | RY Outfitters Gear Review

8bplus climbing bag


8B+ Chalk & Chalkbags

8B+ is proof that climbing and style go hand in hand and that gear doesn’t have to be JUST gear. Their funky chalk bag designs give some SERIOUS personality to the climbing world and their chalk is so light and fluffy you’ll barely notice it at all. It’s hard to get this excited about climbing chalk, but 8B+ REALLY does have an incredible product. One quick coating is all you need to hold you over for a while and because of how fine it is, you won’t need a lot to get the job done right!

Felix’s Story

Servus, I’m Felix. Admit it, my strong arms immediately cought your attention. No wonder, with those muscles I can do moves, which make Lena go green with envy. Besides, on routes I like to climb, Lena would not even manage to access!

Felix presents himself strong and cocky. A wide smile, his tongue out, and a charisma formed by confidence and 8b+ Moves.

Phil’s Story

Wow, this crux move is hard. Can I try again? What‘s the time? Ok, even though its late, just let me have a couple more attempts, then we head out.

Once you know Phil you stop expecting him to be on time. If Phil went climbing you can be sure that he will be back late.

Max’s Story

Hey hey! Have you seen Moritz around? He is gonna help me plot some new tricks to play on our friends, and I have some pretty nice ideas already. I’m Max by the way.

Max is the official sidekick of Moritz, and when together you better don’t take your eye off them. They may be planning their nexyt trick on you.

Grab some 8B+ Chalk and a Chalkbag And Add Personality To Your Climbing

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