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MAGLITE® Outdoor Adventure Pack Bundle - $254

The Outdoor Adventure Pack includes one black Solitaire LED., one premium alkaline battery (AAA), and one key lead (keys not included). One black matte ML50LX LED 2C, and Gerber Multi Tool and US1. And a Spectrum Series LED XL50 featuring a green beam. Also, it includes a white safety wand for the ML50LX.

Prepare for outdoor adventures with IOWA SMOKEHOUSE, prize bundle worth $300

Iowa Smokehouse brand is committed to being an excellent source of protein. A family run company offering delicious meat products. Our snack sticks are all USA beef and/or pork. Our beef jerky is thick and tender. In addition to our fine meat snacks, we also have a full lineup of all natural delicious barbeque sauces and ketchups.

The ultimate health & wellness prize pack from Genuine Health

Genuine Health is a Canadian health & wellness company that creates all-natural, science-backed supplements for optimal energy, nourishment, mood, cognition, and gut health. Every part of what they do is motivated by their obsession with making people feel their best and believe in the power of nutrition to help you live a longer, better and more vibrant life.

A Complete Zenbivy Bed 25° Sleep System!

Zenbivy sleep systems are built just like your bed at home, with a sheet below you and a quilt above. The patented 2-piece design allows for the most comfortable night’s sleep in the backcountry, without the constriction from traditional mummy bags.

$500 Gift Certificate (Electronic) for fresh roasted coffee!

Discover the Magic of Freshly Roasted Coffee: Unmatched Aroma & Flavor in Every order. Five Lakes Coffee has been small batch craft roasting in Sturgis, Michigan since 2002.

2 pairs of Wiley X Alfa CAPTIVATE premium sunglasses

At Wiley X, protective eyewear is at our core. To ensure our products inspire confidence in everyone who wears them, we prioritize protection, optical precision, durability, and fit—employing advanced technologies to meet industry standards. Our unwillingness to compromise has always defined us. Our commitment to protection will always differentiate us. Go Confidently.

RTIC Cooler & Domestic Camping Chair Prize Pack (or giftcard)

Christy Sports is proud to help you Step Outside with a high quality selection of outdoor, watersports, bike, ski, snowboard gear and more!

1x F1 Alpha and 1x F2 Bravo

Tekto Knives, committed to crafting high-quality, reliable, and durable tactical knives, empowering adventurers and those who dare to face challenges with gear that stands up to any test.

Hanksauce.com gift card

Hank Sauce is inspired by a coastal lifestyle, fusing leisure and culinary with a focus on keeping it simple. Hank Sauce is all about versatility, after all, it is “The Sauce for Anything That Needs Something”.

The Ultimate His and Hers Adventure Pack "Freshness Bundle"

The Ultimate His and Hers Adventure Pack "Freshness Bundle" Stay fresh whenever and wherever with the ULTIMATE Fresh Body Adventure Bundle including a YEAR'S SUPPLY of Fresh Balls Lotion (6 tubes + 45 on-the-go packs), Fresh Breasts Lotion (6 tubes + 45 on-the-go packs), Asswipes (12 flowpacks + 150 on-the-go singles), and Buttwipes (12 flowpacks + 150 on-the-go singles)... a package valued at over $500! Fresh Body has mindfully curated the best collection of "be fresh" products so you are always comfortable and ready for adventure, wherever your body takes you. Find out why millions of people trust our Fresh Body line of products.

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