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Allett 2x Mask Pack

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot of brands begin to help out with the COVID-19 global pandemic and Allett is a prime example of a company that’s pitching in to do their part. Allett’s 2x Mask Packs are perfect for virtually anyone and everyone. Allett’s masks are designed to be both extremely effective and outrageously comfortable (so much so, that it barely feels like you’re wearing a mask at all). With 6 different colors and sizes for both adults and kids alike, if you need a mask (or even an extra one) there’s plenty of options to make safety a little more fashionable and conspicuous.

Allett is offering a 1-to-1 donation program where for each mask you purchase, they will donate a mask pack to first responders, hospitals, and retirement homes. Do your part. Wear a mask. Stay safe and, support those on the front lines who are risking everything to help mitigate COVID-19.

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