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Allett Wallets Mule Passport Sleeve

Traveling is always an exciting thing but, keeping all your important documents (especially your passport) and currency can definitely get a little stressful. For those looking for a simple solution to keep everything organized when you’re venturing out, Allett’s Mule Passport sleeve is an incredible option to keep everything important in one place, and protected! The fact that the Mule Passport Sleeve can house important cards, I.D’s, your passport, AND comes with a mini pen, all wrapped up in an ultra thin, beautifully hand-made package makes this, without question, a necessity for any frequent travelers. But, that’s not so surprising coming from a major pioneer of the ultra thin wallet movement, Allett Wallets.


  • RFID Theft Protection

  • +/- 7 cards

  • Cards, cash, mini pen, passport, travel documents

  • 4.25″ x 5.5″ x .25″ (108 x 139.7 x 6.35 mm)

  • RFID protected

  • Vegetable tanned leather

  • Handcrafted in San Diego, CA

  • Mini pen included

  • Made in the USA

Keep your passport protected with an Allett Mule Passport Sleeve of your own!

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