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Arena Platform

Arena Innovation Corp is a team of engineers and athletes who are working to make people stronger and healthier via their Arena platform. Being stronger and healthier doesn’t have to include a daily trip to the gym or bulky equipment. Arena is bringing the gym to you in one piece of equipment that gives you 300+ movements and takes up less space than a yoga mat. 

Though it may look like a really simple piece of equipment, there’s way more tech involved in this thing than you’d think. The Arena Platform is a smart device that is operated by your phone via QR code pairing. From the free app you’ll have access to 0 – 200lbs of resistance plus 300+ movements in-app library. It’s not like other workout gear that makes you purchase the product AND the app. With Arena, you get the whole sha-bang… lifetime access to their app, the library of movements, and daily, on-demand workouts. The app even lets you change your metrics in real-time with each movement.

The  Arena Platform is completely portable and totally cordless. You don’t have to worry about keeping it charged or plugged in because you’ll get 30 days of training with a single charge. I’d say plugging it in to charge once a month is better than tripping over that treadmill cord in your living room any day.

The Arena Platform uses digital, instant dynamic weight, which allows it to generate resistance equaling up to 200lbs. Since the weight of the device never changes you can pick up and go whenever you want! Perfect for van life, moving room to room in your home to change up the scenery, or even taking it outside. The Arena Platform replaces 99.9% of the gym equipment with all of the included accessories, which include: Matte-black ARENA straight bar, squat belt, single-handle grip, ankle strap, tricep rope, and adjustable phone stand.

When you purchase the Arena Platform, you aren’t just purchasing one piece of gym equipment, you’re practically getting the whole gym. Plus, since Arena is controlled entirely by your phone, you can transition through various movements so much faster without a ton of adjustment. Whether you’re tired of going to the gym or looking for a simple device to give you a complete full-body workout, Arena is a 21st-century option to an age-old obstacle: staying fit as a fiddle.”

Stay Fit Anywhere With The

Arena Platform

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