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Athia Skincare Athletic Bundle

After an intense workout, your skin loses water due to evaporation, leaving it dehydrated and your pores are open. This leaves them exposed to harmful bacteria and pollutant buildup that cause breakouts and unhealthy skin. It also can increase surface lines as well as dead skin cell buildup, which clogs your pores. The Athlete Bundle is all three of Athia’s best-selling products in one bundle to help you keep your after workout glow long after you’ve left the gym.

Athia’s Daily Facial Cleanser is an Anti-aging Cleanser designed to prevent and protect your skin from dryness. Infused with purifying gold flakes, you’ll notice reduced shine with their proprietary anti-aging and moisturizing agent. The Post Workout Spray is designed to protect and calm your skin with some quick cleansing right after you leave the gym. Open pores exposed to harmful pollutants, toxins, and bacteria can cause inflammation. Lastly, their Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer is the perfect cherry on top to keep your skin properly hydrated, healthy, and happy.

All of Athia’s products use all-natural ingredients that are Made in the USA and 100% cruelty-free. Their proprietary anti-aging and moisturizing agent utilizes coconut and purifying gold flakes to protect and cleanse your skin with regular daily use. Plus, their products meet the Sephora Clean Standard – which means – free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde-releasing agents, and phthalates just to name a few. If you’re an athlete looking for an edge to your skincare routine, Athia Skincare’s Athlete bundle is definitely worth checking out.

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