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Your All in One Snowboard Bag

Snowboarding. One of the most thrilling adventures you’ll get out on the slopes. There’s nothing quite like the speed, adrenaline and rush of excitement as you shred the slope. But, a snowboard and all the gear you need to be safe and make the most of your thrill-seeker ride isn’t exactly the easiest thing to carry.

You need a padded, water resistant bag that can protect your board and keep your essentials dry. And that’s exactly what Athletico has innovated for you.

Athletico makes pro quality sports bags and travel gear at an everyday value. This US Based company designs functional gear that allows every athlete to focus on their performance and enjoy the adventure. Even though Athletico is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and selling quality sports and athletic gear, today we are going to be looking specifically at their Athletico Peak Padded Snowboarding Bag.

This Padded Snowboard Travel Bag is offered in two sizes: 157 cm and 165 cm to accommodate whatever size your snowboard is. But, it doesn’t just carry your snowboard. It fits a snowboard with mounted binding, boots, helmet, jacket, pants, goggles & more! That means you don’t have to lug around 2 or more different bags on your next trip to the slopes.

It has 360 degree, dense 8mm foam padded protection to keep it safe as you travel from slope to slope. Plus, the interior adjustable straps secure contents so nothing will roll around or fall out of place. Which again, makes it way better than carrying around those 2 or more bags you always have to bring with you and dig through to find what you need.

The fabric of the Athletico Peak Padded Snowboard Bag is water-resistant and rip-resistant so it keeps your stuff safe and dry while being durable itself! But, that doesn’t mean that it is rigid or stiff. It has a soft-shell, lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and store between uses.

For convenience, it has large exterior zippered pockets for items you need to get to quickly, a built-in luggage ID tag and a removable shoulder carry strap. Plus, with free standard domestic shipping, 30-day returns and personal US-based customer support it’s a total win-win.

Keeping your snowboarding gear protected and dry doesn’t have to be a big deal anymore. Do yourself a favor and ditch the multiple bags and get your own Athletico Peak Padded Snowboard Bag before you head out to the slopes again.

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