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Athletico Double Rolling Ski Bag | RY Outfitters First Look


Athletico Double Rolling Ski Bag

If you go on ski trips often, you know how important it is to have a solid ski bag, and when you start talking about bringing more than one pair of skis it can be kind of a pain to deal with. Athletico’s all-weather Rolling double ski bag is the perfect answer to the age-old conundrum of how do I get my skis from point A to point B.

This ski bag is heavy-duty, waterproof, and padded with 10 mm of dense foam which is perfect for protecting your skis. It can fit almost all skis up to 190 cm and there are Internal straps to help keep the skis in place when in transit and there’s even a padded buffer to keep the skies from potentially clanking together. The construction on this bag is quality and it’s built to last. The outside of the bag is made of 600D Water-Resistant polyester and the inside is lined with a thermal, waterproof material to keep your skis safe during transit. The zippers are lockable so you can keep things extra safe, especially when flying and on top of being a great option for carrying your skis, there’s additional storage built into this back.

This thing could be great for bringing pow skis and groomer skis or just consolidating bags in a family ski trip. If you typically bring a back up pair of skis on your trips or want to cut down on some ski bags, Athletico is definitely worth checking out

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