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The Story behind GIVE’R Philosophy:  Give’r promotes a lifestyle fueled by passion, purpose, challenge and adventure.  We aim to inspire the unrelenting pursuit of dreams, the confidence to take the road less traveled, and the desire to share the wonders of life with others.  Give’r represents an inclusive lifestyle embodied by those who frequently ask …


Slant Skis

Let’s talk about Slant Skis! Hand made Bamboo skis, built by skiers in Lake Tahoe. Founded in 2007 by Josh Bennett in Truckee, California. In 2010, the company moved to a factory near Tahoe City, California, where it’s currently located on the Truckee River in the Lake Tahoe basin, surrounded by the region’s stunning mountains. …

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Boulder Denim

JEANS THAT ARE BUILT TO LAST Looking for the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll ever own? Boulder Denim is probably the answer… Boulder Denim, The Basics Boulder Denim is a climbing apparel company that makes jeans using elastic material that ensures maximum mobility. Their jeans are not only hyper-elastic, but are stain resistant and hydrophobic. Perfect …

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Tension Climbing

Tension is a company that specializes in producing various types of climbing equipment. One of their notable products is a wide selection of wooden climbing holds that cater to different levels of climbing difficulty. These holds provide a unique tactile experience for climbers. Apart from wooden holds, Tension also offers campus rungs and hangboards, which …

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BlakeFIT | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Are you trying to prioritize your health but finding it hard to figure out what supplements and nutrients you need while trying to find something that isn’t hard to swallow or leave a bad taste in your mouth for hours? Well, finding the right supplements doesn’t have to be hard anymore, because BlakeFIT might just have the all in one solution that you’ve been looking for.

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