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Bare Bones

Bare Bones is the creator of the world’s first instant bone broth mix for sipping and cooking. It all started with founder Ryan Harvey committing to live a healthier life. He wanted to find a better snack option and found that there wasn’t really anything out there that had what he was looking for nutrition-wise. But unfortunately, most protein bars and shakes are loaded with empty carbs that provide unneeded calories that have you crashing and begging for caffeine a few hours later. And no one wants that in the middle of a hike or a busy work day. 

Ryan decided to take matters into his own hands by founding Bare Bones. This wellness brand is hyper focused on crafting nourishing, nutrient-dense broth and soup products using just the essentials to reimagine broth for healthy cooking & eating. They are committed to providing you sippable, high protein broths to support your health and your life.

Bare Bones instant broth comes in 6 different flavors: beef, chicken, ramen, thai coconut, lemon ginger, and mushroom. To enjoy any of these flavors, all you have to do is just rip, mix, and sip! With only premium ingredients for the best taste and maximum nutrition, it’s the perfect anytime snack for sustained energy and appetite control or replacement for water, broth, stock or bouillon in recipes.

The Bone Broth Instant Mix is made up of a rich blend of protein, collagen, minerals, and amino acids for a quick boost anytime of the day. The premium bone broth powder is made with real bone broth, collagen, prebiotic fiber and freshly ground herbs and spices. Just like mama used to make, but with only 50 calories and 10 seconds of prep time.

These packets are great for any adventure or whenever you’re on the go! They can fit in any size bag or pocket without taking up any more room. So now instead of having just coffee or tea to warm you up on a cold adventure, you can have bone broth that will keep you going by fueling your body and not just pumping you with caffeine or sugar. 

Food is fuel, and with Bare Bones, you can finally snack with purpose! With 10 grams of protein for a sustainable boost of energy, amino acids and minerals, Bare Bones will fuel your body with premium ingredients that have been nourishing mankind for centuries. Whether you are getting ready to head out on your next adventure or you need something to help you through the daily 2pm slump, give the Bone Broth Instant Mix a try. 


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