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Bees Wrap Lunch Pack | RY Outfitters First Look


Bees Wrap Lunch Pack

Bees Wrap is an incredible and surprisingly versatile thing to carry with you when you’re headed outdoors. For starters, it is an incredible way to reduce single-use plastic consumption. While that may not solve the global environmental issue behind plastic it is a step in the right direction and could end up saving you some money (that’s not something to discount). Obviously, it’s meant to package food but, because it’s so moldable you can adjust it to fit your snacking (or even thirst-quenching needs) while hiking or skiing. You can make a pouch out of it to store trail mix and eat as you go and on top of storing food and snacks, you can actually use it as a bowl or a cup and it can hold liquids (If you’re hiking with a pup, they’ll especially enjoy it if they get thirsty).

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