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Beginner Ski Tips to Help You Look Like a Pro on Your Ski Trip

Are you ready to hit the slopes, but don’t know where to begin? You never skied as a kid like all of your friends who are going on the trip and you don’t want to feel like a newbie. Before getting on the slopes, it pays to brush up on your ski knowledge. Here are our top tips for beginner skiers and how you can brush up on your knowledge and not hold any of your friends back.

Beginner Ski Tips

1 – Take a Beginner Lesson

Taking a beginner lesson is going to take you from barely able to keep your balance to skipping the bunny hill. You’ll learn proper form and how to avoid bad habits so that you can make the most of your ski trip. You never know, you might be able to teach your friends a thing or two after you take the class.

2 – Get the Right Gear

Having the right gear and dressing appropriately might be the most important thing you do to prepare yourself for your first ski trip. You won’t be having much fun if all you can think about is how cold your toes are or feeling like your face might freeze off. Be sure to bring plenty of layers and extra sets of clothing with you. You want your gear to be waterproof, but still breathable for when you work up a sweat. 

3 – Forget the Backpack

The last thing you need when trying to navigate the lift and the slopes for the first time is a heavy backpack distracting you and throwing you off balance. If you’re bringing snacks or extra clothes (which yes, definitely you should be), rent a locker at the base of the mountain to hold all your items.

4 – Properly Carry Your Skis

Leave one hand free to hold your poles and to reach out for support if you fall. Grab your ski tips with your other hand and put them on your shoulder. Walk behind your skis so that you can avoid tripping when you set off.

5 – Know How to Use the Lift

Knowing how to use the chairlift is another essential part of skiing. You should grab on to a solid part of the lift as you get on and off. It might look easy to just hop off, but take enough time make sure you have balance and are landing on an even spot.

6 – Rest Your Feet on the Lift

Over the course of the day, your feet are going to get tired and maybe even cramp up. Take advantage of the time you spend on the lift and unbuckle your boots a little to let your feet relax and bring a little life back into them. At the top of the lift, just tighten them up again and go shred another slope.

7 – Take a Break Between Runs

If resting on the lift isn’t quite enough, don’t be ashamed to take a break between runs. Fresh legs are always a good way to improve your performance on the slopes. If you take a break after every run and allow your legs to recover you’ll be able to do much more skiing throughout the day because you’ll be less tired.

8 – Always Keep Your Head Up When You’re Skiing

It’s tempting to look at your feet while skiing, but that can do more harm than good. Keeping your head up will help you to be balanced and turn more effectively. While you’re making a turn, be sure to look where you’re going to avoid colliding with other people, of course.


We hope these tips have you excited about your first ski trip and helped you get comfortable with the chairlift and the slopes. Once you’ve mastered these beginner ski tips, you’ll be ready to tackle your first ski trip like a pro! One last bonus tip is to have fun! Remember that most people who go on ski vacations are not experienced skiers – just like you. As a result, many people who are not familiar with the activity feel nervous about going skiing for the first time. By following the tips found in this article, you can learn how to ski like an expert.

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