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Best Camping Gear 2020

From the red desert sands, endless pine tree forests, to glacial mountainside lakes, there are innumerable camping adventures to be had.  The idea of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is alluring enough, but add in the prospect of a campfire, stargazing, and fresh air, and you are already convinced that it is time to go camping again.  Before embarking on your next weekend or week long adventure, it is crucial to prepare and plan for your trip, as having the right supplies and gear will make camping the most enjoyable.  As you begin to prepare, take a look at these brands to improve your next camping trip, and help make it the most memorable one yet.  

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Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Whether you are enjoying a midday nap, or spending the night under the stars, do it in comfort with a hammock from Flying Squirrel Outfitters.  Their high quality hammocks come in a variety of colors and sizes that fit your fancy.  Flying Squirrel makes all their products in Thailand, where they hand sew every bag and hammock, promoting fair and safe working opportunities for women.  These hammock will not only improve your next camping trip, but they are also improving the world! 

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Roman Trail Outfitters

Ancient Roman soldiers had to travel many hundreds of miles, all made possible by their world class roads.  These highways were the cutting edge for the time, and were created by their supreme engineering skills.  The same attention to craftsmanship and design can be found in the brand Roman Trail Outfitters, whose gear will improve your next camping trip.  From tents, to lights, to sleeping pads, Roman Trail Outfitters will equip you with the essentials to make your camping excursion more successful and memorable.  

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Outdoor Element

Upgrade your camping gear with Outdoor Element.  While they make a wide range of quality camping tools, their most popular is the Firebiner.  The utility of a normal carabiner is upgraded by multifunction additions such as a bottle opener, screwdriver bit and blade.  However, the secret weapon is a special part that creates sparks.  Every camper should look to Outdoor Element to improve their camping gear, and the Firebiner will make certain they are never without a way to start a fire.  That’s right, Billy Joel, Outdoor Element started the fire and it will improve your camping trip too! 

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Huppy Bar

Fuel up on your adventure with Huppy Bars. This unique brand will improve your camping experience, which was the inspiration behind its creation by an avid outdoorswoman who wanted something more than just the average bar.  She hit the nail on the head, as these natural snacks live on the corner of healthy, great tasting, and nutritious.  A wide selection of flavors are available from chocolate to fruit forward options, although our favorite is the Wild Mesquite. 

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Level Gear

From apparel to hydration and anything else you might want on your next camping outing, head to Level Gear.  Our favorite product is the waterproof backpack, which is perfect for camping in all weather, and will keep your belongings dry and secure.  

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TRUCK Gloves

Winter camping is an adventure in a class of its own.  Cold temperatures make campfires so much more enjoyable, and snowy landscapes make for absolutely stunning backdrops.  However, it provides its own set of challenges as it can be hard to light a fire or snap a photo when your hands are frozen, or stuffed into unnecessarily large mittens.  Improve your next winter camping trip with TRUCK Gloves, and there will be no going back.  Made with high quality materials such as goat leather and carefully stitched, and then tested in Utah, these gloves are sure to be a winter camping game changer.  

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Livsn Designs 

Sustainable, comfortable, and durable are the hallmarks of Livsn Designs.  Their flagship product, the flex canvas pants, are meant to go from the campsite to cafe with stylish looks but uncompromising performance.  Organic and recycled materials mean that these pants are easy on Mother Earth, but tough and thoughtful construction means you don’t have to go easy on them.  Having just to pack one pair of amazing pants will improve and simplify your next camping trip. 

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Cumulus Sleeping-Bags

Deriving their name from the cotton-ball shaped clouds, and taking the same light and puffy qualities, these sleeping bags will change the way you sleep while camping.  Down feather insulation means you stay warm all night long, and superior construction makes the bags highly packable and portable.  If you have ever had a cold night’s sleep or have had to lug a monstrous and ancient flannel sleeping bag around, the time is right to improve your next camping trip with one of these bags.  

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The Phoozy 

Your camping adventures are a foray into mother nature, and expose you and your gear to the elements.  Your phone and other sensitive electronics aren’t as adaptable as you, as hot temperatures can shut a device down, while cold weather will drain a battery in no time at all.  With a Phoozy, you can combat the elements and keep your device charged and functional, no matter the weather.  

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Napier Outdoors Roof Tent

An instant upgrade to your next camping trip is the rooftop tent from Napier Outdoors.  Get an amazing night’s sleep on a plush foam mattress that sleeps two, and score amazing views as you sit high and dry atop your vehicle.  Three windows allow for maximum ventilation and let you see the panoramic views, the rainfly will keep you dry.  Once installed, it only takes five minutes to set up and take down, which leaves more time for exploring or relaxing.  

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