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Best Camping Sleeping Pad – PacBack Trio: Backpacking Mattress, Chair, and Pillow in One


Author: Jesse Hazleton


One of the best Camping Sleeping Pads

Best Camping Sleeping Pad

The Pac Back Trio is a lightweight inflatable backpacking sleeping pad.  It is named the Trio because the product claims to be a three in one sleeping pad, camp chair, and camp pillow.


To utilize it as a sleeping pad simply inflate as you would a normal sleeping pad. The Trio converts to a chair utilizing built in buckles as well as zip in side supports.  The conversion is easy and intuitive.  The camp pillow is achieved by stuffing clothing into one of the zip in pockets.

Best Camping Sleeping Pad The PacBack Trio

The Trio is exceptionally comfortable both as sleeping pad and as a camping chair.  The fabric used for the camp pillow is nylon and not too comfortable to lay on.  The size of the trio is relatively compact considering it can be used as a chair, pillow, and sleeping pad. 

The trio is also much lighter  than these three products would be combined.  Inflated the Trio is 3 inches thick so it remains comfortable on of rougher terrain and the fabric used feels quite durable.  The body of the Trio is wide as well giving plenty of room to sit on or move around while sleeping. Also since the base of the chair lies flat on the ground it remains stable even on unsteady terrain. 

The three inch barrier also does an excellent job insulating you from the cold ground.  I was able to keep warm using the chair and pad on top of snow.  Overall I would rate the Trio a 4.5/5 stars.

Best Camping Sleeping Pad

Is The Trio One OF The Best Camping Sleeping Pads?


The Trio biggest pro is that it offers improved camp comfort without having to add to extra bulk to your camp setup.  The trio would actually be smaller and lighter than having to pack all three items individually.  The chair stability is also a huge plus.  There are no rigid legs that can dig into soft terrain.  This can be a problem with other camp chairs.  The Trio also seems like it would be very durable over time.   



The only con of the trio is that the nylon fabric used for the pillow is rough to touch and not super comfortable.  It works but if pillow comfort is important to you then I recommend using a separate camp pillow. 

Best Camping Sleeping Pad


Again I rated the trio 4.5/5 stars.  The only drawback being the pillow.  The durability, ease of setup and conversion, comfortability, and compactness really make the Trio a compelling product.  



I’ve used a Thermarest Neo Air as my sleeping pad for years.  While I’ve been happy with it overall the pad itself is pretty small. My body sometimes hangs off the side and it is cumbersome to roll around on.  The Trio is much wider and the material of the Trio feel more durable than the Thermarest pad. Having a comfortable chair in the backcountry is a game changer and the Trio’s comfort is a step above the REI Flexlite Chair I’ve used. 

The Flexlite sits higher off the ground and use rigid legs for stability. This makes tipping over pretty easy on questionable terrain.  Also the Flexlite is more cumbersome to pack than the Trio.  Overall the Trio would be a great addition to any backpacking setup.  Comfort at camp is a huge plus after a taxing day in the backcountry.  I definitely recommend the Trio to anyone looking to not add comfort to their setup without adding additional bulk or weight to their packs. 

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