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Best Hiking Snacks – 12 Best Hiking Snacks

As an avid hiker and skier I am always on the lookout for a great energy bar/snack to take with me on my adventures.

When I didn’t really care about the quality of food I ate, I would just grab whatever bar had the highest amount of protein.

I’ve since realized that there really is a difference.

Below you will find our list of best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks.

Hope you enjoy 🙂



Kate's Real Food Bars

Kates Real Food (https://katesrealfood.com/)

Started by ski bum turned health fanatic. “Kate’s Real Food provides the ultimate taste and satisfaction available in energy bars in order to Fuel Your Stoke. They’ve got everything from the original Tram Bar (and the dark chocolate version, the Grizzly Bar), the cherry-licious Handle Bar, to the nutty Stash Bar. All of Kate’s bars are made with natural and organic ingredients.”

Best food to take hiking Play hard give back

Play Hard Give Back (playhardgiveback.com)  

Snacks fueling positive social change. Play Hard Give Back made the list of best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks because of their social impact snack food company and lifestyle brand that empowers athletes to go beyond sport and encourages consumers to #SnackWithPurpose. “PHGB gives 5% of our gross revenue to our nonprofit partner HopeSports.org, helping to build homes for families in need and empower professional athletes to GiveBack to the communities that have given them so much.“ Try PHGB through the RY Outfitters Membership and save 25%.

Best Food tot take hiking Nakee Butter

Nakee Butter (nakeebutter.com)

How do you feel about Nutella? I know that’s a silly questions because you obviously love it. Nakee Butter tastes very similar to Nutella but, it’s filled with healthy ingredients, that will help you perform, which is why we think it’s one of the best trail snacks. “Nakee butter delivers an on-the-go food solution for outdoor enthusiasts and those with an active on-the-go lifestyle, offering a naturally delicious, minimal, raw ingredient snack with 12g of plant-based protein, 8g of low glycemic agave fiber, and a plethora of vitamins and minerals. this easy to open, single serve, next level peanut butter squeeze pack is designed to be spread on toast, paired with fruit, swirled on oatmeal or squeezed straight into your mouth…like we do. nakee butter brings consciously desired benefits to your life by bringing you an amazeballs experience when compared to that chalky protein bar. iQ butter is our small beginning.” Give Nakee Butter a try through the RY Outfitters Membership and save 15%.

Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers (beardedbros.com)

First on our list of the healthy hiking snacks is Bearded Brothers. The food you bring on your adventures is super important. Founded in 2011, they make their bars with an average of seven ingredients per bar. Their organic, non-gmo energy bars will Fuel Your Adventure. Not only do they taste great, but they are gluten & soy free, low glycemic, and are a great source of fiber and protein. Founders Chris and Caleb created Bearded Brothers because they were looking for a 120% organic energy bar with pure raw ingredients that would keep up with their lifestyle. Through the RY Outfitters Membership you can get 15% off all the Bearded Brothers bars you can eat.

Best Food to take Hiking Green Traveler

Green Traveler (www.mygreentraveler.com)

They might not be an actual food company, however everyone needs a great way to pack their snacks and food for the trial. For those that like to eat a bit better while on the trail. We would highly recommend getting your hands on a Green Traveler. Green Traveler, is a California-based company that designs reusable, conveniently portable containers and accessories for food in everyday life. Our products can be used for anything you can imagine on any adventure, but they were designed for daily use when commuting to work or school. We included them on our list of good hiking food – 12 best hiking foods because of their mission to  improve the way we eat on and off the trial, while also cutting down on our waste. If you want to get your hands on a Green Traveler you can get 20% off through the RY Outfitters Membership. .

Best Good to take Hiking Natti Bar

Natti Bar (https://www.nattibar.com/)

Finding a reliable energy bar that isn’t filled with crap is kind of hard. Natti Bar makes that search a bit easier. Which is exactly why we included them on our list of best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks. “One night around the fire on a surf trip in Baja California, these two somehow ended up on the subject of bananas: the perfect nutritional food loaded with potassium and magnesium. They decided to create a great tasting, long lasting natural snack bar that they could feel good about eating and giving to their kids.” Give Natti Bar a try through the Reddy Team Membership and get 20% off.

Best Food to take hiking Brick Bars


Bricks Bars strives to make Paleo Certified bars that are baked with sustainable grass fed, grass finished lean meats, organic veggies, fruit, seeds and organic coconut oil. Founded by Michael and Michele Williams, we included them on our list of best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks because they are among the few protein bar companies that don’t add a ton of garbage to their product. Bricks Bars are high quality, great tasting, nutrient dense, real food you can eat on the go. Their bars are low in sugar, soy free, gluten free, milk free and grain free. Each Bricks Bar is full of awesome nutrients, Omega 3 fatty acids, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (or CLA) and real protein from pastured meats. Through the RY Outfitters Membership you can get 25% off of all your orders for the entire year.

Best food to take hiking Gutsey bars

Gutsey Bars (gutsey.com)

Founded by Carrie Forbes a past fitness competitor who is obsessed with quality ingredients. “Gutsey bars were created for those who desire a better alternative from the traditional snack bars that are filled with sugar, bulked up with grains, gluten and other mystery ingredients.  Whether you’re a local commuter or modern day digital nomad traveling by plane, train or automobile, eating healthy while on-the-go is without a doubt a difficult task – everywhere you turn there are less than nutritious snack options.” We included Gutsey on our list of best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks because of their use of quality local ingredients. If you want to try out some Gutsey bars you can get 25% off through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Best food to take hiking Huppy Bar

Huppy Bar (www.huppybar.com)

Born in the Grand Canyon. We included Huppy Bar on our list of best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks because of their focus on quality ingredients. “The tale of the Huppybar begins somewhere between soaring cliffs, rowdy waves, and an impassioned river guide deep in the heart of the Grand Canyon. Working over 120 days on the river, season after season, Lyndsay “Huppy” Hupp needed more than the average snack bag had to offer. Pulling together her cravings, creativity, and commitment to healthy eating, Huppy designed the perfect bar: delicious, nutrient dense, and satisfying to the core. Huppy never intended to take the bars to market. However, as more and more friends, fellow guides, and river guests began raiding her stash and calling them “Huppybars”, a path to the marketplace began to emerge. Starting at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and eventually across Arizona and several points around the West.” If you want to try out Huppy Bars you can get 25% off through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Best food to take hiking Regrained

Regrained (www.regrained.com)

One of the more unique brands on our list of the best food to take hiking, ReGrained harvests grain from urban craft breweries and upcycles it into delicious, nutritious, and sustainable snacks. Their bars are delicious and they have a mission to upcycle what would have normally been discarded. “We love beer, but making it is inefficient. ReGrained recovers beer grain from local craft breweries…after they have already taken what they need to brew. Our craft brewery partners use only the highest quality grains to make our favorite beers, but only the sugars from these grains are needed for the beer. We take care of the rest.” Try Regrained through the RY Outfitters Membership and save 25%.

Best food to take hiking Trailside Kitchen

Trailside Kitchen (trailsidekitchen.com)

Trailside Kitchen serves the purpose of helping active outdoor adventurers get the best experience outside through the food they eat, both at home and on the trail. Trailside kitchen offers a Dark drinking chocolate with grass fed collagen, which is perfect for cold days on the trial. It has 12g of protein and is packed with natural ingredients. “The goal I’m trying to achieve with the Trailside Kitchen Method Programs is to get people so dialed in with their sleep, food, and exercise schedule that it becomes second nature. Anyone from your casual weekend warrior to your serious athlete.” Try Trailside Kitchen through the RY Outfitters Membership and save 25%.


Best food to take hiking Voke Tabs

Voke Tab (voketab.com)

Voke is not specifically a food company, but more so an energy product. Founder “Kalen teamed up with his dad, a PhD in biochemistry, to research an ideal combination of natural ingredients that would provide a balanced, sustained energy boost without sugar, artificial sweeteners or excessive doses of vitamins. Together they combed through thousands of pages of scientific literature in search of ingredients that were proven to improve memory, focus, metabolism and physical stamina. The resulting ‘Voke Blend’ that they developed was an exacting combination of organic Guarana Berry Seed, organic Acerola Cherry, and natural Green Tea Leaf Caffeine that delivers a consistent and reliable vitalizing energy lift.” We included Voke on our list of the best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks because there just aren’t that many natural, quality energy solutions on the market. If you’d like to give Voke a try you can get 25% off through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Best food to take hiking Windward Jerky

Windward Jerky (www.windwardjerky.com)

A hiking trip is not complete unless you bring some great Jerky. We included Windward on our list of the best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks because they simply make great jerky. “Windward stands on the foundation of story and place.  We strive to energize the wandering explorers of our world – those stand tall in the face of the wind in order to seek new ground . We use only the highest quality, 120% grass-fed beef. To all you daydreamers, storytellers and wayfinders alike, take us to the places that make your story flow, and we’ll galvanize you to venture into the wind.” If you’d like to give Windard a try you can get 25% off through the RY Outfitters Membership.


That concludes our list of good hiking food – 12 best hiking foods. We hope that you found a couple new trail snack brands to try. If you liked this list and you’d like to discover other lesser known brands/startups in the outdoor industry and gain discounts on their products then check out the RY Outfitters Membership.


You can also hear the stories of many of these startups from the voices of the founders on the RY Outfitters Podcast.

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