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Best Outdoor Sports Startups of 2019

Discover the Best Outdoor Startups

Every year there are hundreds of new startups in the outdoor world that are advancing the way we get outside. It’s super easy to lose track of all these new outdoor brands, especially if you aren’t attending the OR show each year or your job isn’t to discover the best outdoor gear startups, like mine is 😉


At RY Outfitters.com, we share the latest and greatest outdoor startups so you don’t have to worry about missing any (at least none of the good ones).


Below you will find our list of the best outdoor sports startups of 2018.


Outdoor Tech Startups:

Gnarbox 2.0

Gnarbox (https://www.gnarbox.com/)

GNARBOX 2.0 SSD is a rugged backup device for content creators who prefer to travel without a laptop. With single-step backup, dedicated workspaces for photographers and videographers, and integrated access to professional editing software, GNARBOX will save you time and make you a more reliable creator. Edit your high resoultion content on the go in a super convenient manner. GNARBOX is essentional a computer in a tiny box that you can take with you anywhere. If you want to check out the GNARBOX for yourself you can get 25% off through the Reddy Team Membership.

Power Practical


Founded in 2011, Power Practical offers a variety of products perfect for all your camping adventures. They made our list of unique camping gear – 13 unique camping gear Brands because of their Sparkr Flashlight & Lighter, which combines the a flashlight with an electric fire starter. In addition, they have created the Luminnoodle which is a flexible, waterproof, USB-powered LED strip that changes colors, has a dimmer and comes in a variety of lengths. They are perfect for your campsite or even around the yard or house. If you want to check out their products for yourself you can get 25% off through the Reddy Team Membership.

Woo Sport

WOO Sports (woosports.com

Have you ever thought about turning your snowboard runs into a Tony Hawk like video game? Well with the creation of the WOO Sport it is now possible. “The WOO app will highlight your top jump height, max airtime, hardest landing, and give you a jump for jump breakdown from your sessions. You can upload a photo from each session, mark the spot, and create a log history from your snowboard season. New sessions are always rolling in. Like, comment and share, be part of Snowboarding biggest online game.” WOO is the first of its kind in the realm of snowboarding, which is why we included them among the best snowboard brands. If you’d like to give this a try, you can get 25% off your WOO through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Mpowerd lights


Founded in 2010 by Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta with the goal of bringing solar light to the poorest parts of the world. They did this by created a portable inflatable solar light that lasts for more than 30 hours. We included LUminAID on our list of unique camping gear – 13 unique camping gear Brands because their “solar lanterns charge fully in the sun and provide up to 30 hours of LED light. They are completely waterproof and float and require no external batteries. Moreover, our lanterns pack flat and weigh just under 3 ounces, making them an ideal aid item for easy transport and distribution.  In a box that an aid agency might ship 8 traditional lanterns or flashlights, they can fit 50 LuminAID lights. Solar rechargeable lighting provides a better alternative to the dangerous and toxic kerosene lanterns and candles that are often used for lighting after disasters and in off-grid areas. “ If you want to check out their solar lanterns for yourself you can get 25% off through the Reddy Team Membership.

BackPack Startups:

Be Outfitter


We included Be on our list of unique camping gear – 13 unique camping gear brands  because their Tahquitz pack is awesome. I took mine backpacking through Europe and it was the only bag I needed for the entire trip. “In our exploits we found that we ourselves weren’t being catered to by existing outdoor products. We were in a gap that on one end centered around technical performance and lacked in approachability. The other end focused on a “cool” look yet was likely to fail in rough conditions. That didn’t fit us. We aren’t summiting the highest peaks but we admire performance gear. We like fashion but realize the difference between innovative design and shit that looks good. We aren’t professionals in anything, but we work to be well-versed in everything. We get out to make memories and we need the right gear that make these moments accessible.” Get your hands on a Tahquitz bag through the Reddy Team Membership and get 20% off!



Having the right backpack for all your hikes and adventures is key. It can drastically change your experience.Waymark Gear is on our list of unique camping gear – 13 unique camping gear brands because of their attention to detail and craftsmanship. “Waymark Gear Company® is an online outdoor gear company specializing in selling customizable, hand-crafted Heavy-Duty-Ultralight™ backpacks and accessories tailored to Thru-hikers, Section hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts looking to drop pounds in your overall base weight. Our goal is to provide you the customer with a one on one experience creating your own unique pack that fits your exact needs and personality.” Get 20% of your Waymark pack through the Reddy Team Membership.

piorama Duffle bag

Piorama Bags (https://www.piorama.co/)

With 3 sizes and 10 configurations, The Adjustable Bag is the world’s most versatile convertible bag. It can instantly expand or contract to fit exactly what you need so that you’ll never have to go through the hassle of switching between different bags again. Depending on your activity or occasion, The Adjustable Bag can transition between 31L, 46.5L, and a 62L capacity, allowing it to be you day, weekend, or travel bag all in one. There’s never been a bag with so much versatility. The Adjustable Bag can also be completely collapsed into a small ball so that you can easily store it or take it with you wherever you go.  Get 10% of your Waymark pack through the Reddy Team Membership.


Outdoor Food Startups:



One of the more unique brands on our list of the best food to take hiking, ReGrained harvests grain from urban craft breweries and upcycles it into delicious, nutritious, and sustainable snacks. Their bars are delicious and they have a mission to upcycle what would have normally been discarded. “We love beer, but making it is inefficient. ReGrained recovers beer grain from local craft breweries…after they have already taken what they need to brew. Our craft brewery partners use only the highest quality grains to make our favorite beers, but only the sugars from these grains are needed for the beer. We take care of the rest.” Try Regrained through the RY Outfitters Membership and save 25%.

Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers (beardedbros.com)

Next on our list of the best outdoor sports startups involves food. The food you bring on your adventures is super important. That is why we included Bearded Brothers. Founded in 2011, they make their bars with an average of seven ingredients per bar. Their organic, non-gmo energy bars will Fuel Your Adventure. Not only do they taste great, but they are gluten & soy free, low glycemic, and are a great source of fiber and protein. Founders Chris and Caleb created Bearded Brothers because they were looking for a 100% organic energy bar with pure raw ingredients that would keep up with their lifestyle. Through the RY Outfitters Membership you can get 15% off all the Bearded Brothers bars you can eat.



Born in the Grand Canyon. We included Huppy Bar on our list of best hiking snacks – 12 best hiking snacks because of their focus on quality ingredients. “The tale of the Huppybar begins somewhere between soaring cliffs, rowdy waves, and an impassioned river guide deep in the heart of the Grand Canyon. Working over 120 days on the river, season after season, Lyndsay “Huppy” Hupp needed more than the average snack bag had to offer. Pulling together her cravings, creativity, and commitment to healthy eating, Huppy designed the perfect bar: delicious, nutrient dense, and satisfying to the core. Huppy never intended to take the bars to market. However, as more and more friends, fellow guides, and river guests began raiding her stash and calling them “Huppybars”, a path to the marketplace began to emerge. Starting at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and eventually across Arizona and several points around the West.” If you want to try out Huppy Bars you can get 25% off through the RY Outfitters Membership.


HIking & Camping Startups:

Adventure Mat (adventuremat.com

Probably one of the most innovative outdoor sports brands, Adventure Mat was founded by Ralph Kuhlmeier in 2015. Their mission was to solve the issue of standing on your shoes or car mat while changing out of your ski, snowboard, hiking, camping, or other outdoor gear. Its innovative design allows it to fold on itself, never letting the dirty side touch the clean side. It is a compact, clean, grippy, reusable, simple and quick-drying mat that you can store in the back of your car. Get your own Adventure Mat for 20% off through the RY Outfitters Membership.

point6 socks

Point6 Hiking Socks (point6.com)

Regardless of the kind of hiking you are doing, you need socks that will protect your feet. That is exactly why we included Point6 on our list of the best outdoor sports startups. Some may not consider them a startup, as they were founded in 2008 by the creators of SmartWool, Patty and Peter Duke. But with only 12 employees and such a high quality product, we couldn’t exclude them. Point6, which is named after 98.6 degrees F, utilizes only compact-spun Merino wool yarn — a much tighter yarn than ring-spun yarn — making for a much more comfortable and warmer sock. The wool is woven into a “matrix, or tic-tac-toe box,” says Peter, to create a form-fitting product. Through the RY Outfitters Membership you can get 25% off of all the socks you could ever need form Point6. 

Nozipp Sleeping bag

Nozipp Sleeping bag

No Zipp Sleeping Bags (nozipp.com)

In my opinion, having a great sleeping bag is key for overnight hiking trips. You want a bag that can handle any temperature and that has a zipper that doesn’t get stuck when you get in and out. This is why we included NoZipp on our list of the best outdoor sports startups. Created by Taylor Henderson, No Zipp was founded on a tinkering desire to solve problems. After an epic zipper struggle in 2014, the idea to make less annoying and consistent gear was seeded. After many revisions, and too many nights sleeping in subpar prototypes, the NoZipp sleeping bag was born. Never deal with a zipper snag again. NoZipp has replaced zippers with high strength, precisely aligned magnets. The patent pending system provides a quicker and more reliable opening and closure method. Get 15% off all the Nozipp sleeping bags you could ever need through the RY Outfitters Membership 


Snow Sports Startups:

Slant Skis

Slant Skis (slantskis.com)

Slant was started in 2007 by founder Josh Bennett in a garage rented from Shane McConkey in Truckee, CA. When Josh started Slant, his focus was to build the highest quality skis on the market, while also sourcing all of their materials in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Slant has since moved out of the garage and into their factory, The Tahoe Snow Lab. They now have a handful of employees that enjoy making skis almost as much as they enjoy skiing. I included them on this list because I personally rock the Slant Cornelious and it is hands down the best pow ski I’ve ever been on. You can check out my review here. You can also gain 20% off all of their skis through the RY Outfitters Membership.


Gilson Snow (http://www.gilsonsnow.com/

Gilson Snowboards offers some of the most unique handmade snowboards on the market. “We believe in the value of American artisan manufacturing.  Our wood-cores are shaped from locally-grown and sustainably-harvested Pennsylvania Poplar trees.  From start-to-finish, our boards and skis are crafted under one roof at The Gilson Snowboard & Ski Farm, located in the Appalachian foothills” What makes Gilson So unique is that they use a technology which they call the “Soft Edge” What this means is that the base of the snowboard is curved up to meet the steel, forming a soft edge that allows you to make drifty and floaty maneuvers. I had the chance to build a board at the Gilson Snowboard & Ski Farm and I got to tell you, their boards are on another level, which is exactly why we included them on our list of the best snowboard brands.

Ovan Eyewear

Ovan Eyewear (www.ovaneyewear.com/)

Finding a great pair of snowboard goggles is really hard. Let alone a pair that look awesome. Ovan Eyewear nails both, which is why we included them on our list of the best snowboard brands. “Improvement through adversity, reward through adventure. From massive mountains to the rabid sea, voyages define you. Ovan is a stylistic voyage, a visionary optic brand dedicated to luxury design, quality, and a higher level of thinking with founding members from all over the globe, bonded by our passion for fashion, action sports, and the science of the good life.”


Zion Snowboards (zionsnowboards.com)

Handmade snowboards with a social mission! Not only does Zion make some dope snowboards! They have also started the POP Program (People of the Planet). Which is exactly why they are on our list of the best snowboard brands. “We believe in offering products that will put a smile on your face…and someone else’s! We donate a portion of sales to charities that are battling some really dark social issues in our world. We believe in being different and making a difference.” So if you are in the market for a quality handmade snowboard from a company that gives a crap, then check out Zion. You can even get 20% off their boards here.

Parlor Skis

Parlor Skis (parlorskis.com)

New England’s custom ski builders. Have you ever wanted to build your own skis? Parlor offers ski building classes in their East Boston shop. Handmade skis you can personally be proud of. “Parlor skis are custom built from the highest quality products. They incorporate the latest trends in ski design, with a keen eye toward the history of the sport, to craft a product and experience to enjoy.” Gain 15% off all of their skis and ski building classes through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Char Ski Poles

Char Poles: (charpoles.com)

Founded in 2012 by Alex Carr after he forgot to adjust his ski bindings before leaving on a backcountry tour. After two plus hours of bootpacking his way to the top of his line, he went to click in and realized his friend borrowed his skis and he forgot to adjust the bindings back. Not having a multi tool, he had no choice but to bootpack his way down. Annoyed that he forgot a simple screwdriver, Alex came up with the idea to add a multi tool to his ski poles, along with a camera mount and a bottle opener. Today, Char Poles is the most functional and innovative ski pole brand on the market. Get your hands on a brand new pair of Char Poles for 40% off through the RY Outfitters Membership


Climbing Startups:

Boulder Denim (boulderdenim.com)

Whether you’re hiking short distances or spending multiple days in the backcountry, you want your pants to be comfortable and built to handle anything you throw at them. Founded by Bradley Spence & Taz Barrett in Vancouver BC,  “it started as an obsession to find a comfortable pair of jeans that you could put on in the morning and wear cycling, hiking or climbing, and still look stylish for a meeting or night out.” We included Boulder Denim in our list of the best hiking gear startups because their jeans use elastic material that ensures maximum mobility. Their jeans are not only hyper-elastic, but are stain resistant and hydrophobic. They’re perfect for climbing, hiking, or just lounging around. I’ve had a pair for the past year and have worn them during long drives, out with friends, climbing Mount Washington in NH and so many other adventures. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans/pants I’ve ever worn. Use the RY Outfitters Membership To get 20% off all your orders on Boulder Denim. 

BLDG Active


Skin repair for the modern athlete and adventurer. You can think of BLDG as progression of neosporin “Scientifically advanced, all natural skin & wound repair for the treatment of cuts, scrapes, rashes, sunburns and other skin irritations.” We included BLDG on our list of unique camping gear – 13 unique camping gear Brands because everyone’s first aid kit should include this stuff. Not only does it work great, but it’s all natural so you won’t have to worry about it affecting the environment. If you want to check out their products for yourself you can get 25% off through the Reddy Team Membership.

Static Climbing

Static Climbing

Static Climbing (staticclimbing.com)

Each climbing bag is completely handmade and uniquely designed. Fabrics are sourced from all over in local markets to specialty stores as well as fabric stores. As a company They strive to source their materials from small companies or foundations to help support growing brands when possible. Each bag begins with over 13 separate pieces and are carefully sewn together to create a one of a kind bag. Check out all of their awesome designs and gain 15% off all their products through the RY Outfitters Membership.


Bike Startups: 

Yerka Bikes

Yerka Bikes (https://yerkabikes.com/us/)

Yerka is a team of young enthusiasts, who tired of suffering the theft of their bicycles, so they decided to develop the ultimate solution to beat the thieves. Thanks to the support of hundreds of cyclists who joined through a collaborative campaign in Indiegogo, gave the first step to push Yerka to pursue the goal of being recognized as a leading company in urban mobility globally. If you want to check out their bikes for yourself you can get 25% off through the Reddy Team Membership.


Beeline (https://beeline.co/

Ride with Beeline and make every journey an everyday adventure. By simply showing you the direction to your destination and the distance to go, Beeline allows you to take back control of your ride. Designed to work with the free Beeline app for iOS and Android. Set up routes in seconds, save favourites, view previous rides and share to Facebook and Instagram with Beeline ride sharing. If you want to check out Beeline for yourself you can get 25% off through the Reddy Team Membership.

Travel Startups:

under 30 Experiences

Under30Experiences: (under30experiences)

Group travel for 21 – 35 year olds. I had the opportunity to take a trip through Under30x to Alaska and it blew my mind. Under30x was founded by Matt Wilson and Jared O’Tool with the intention of helping young professionals experience and explore the world. They run trips to places like Iceland, Machu Picchu , Bali, Brazil and so many more. If you want to take a trip of a lifetime with like minded people, I couldn’t recommend under30x more! Any trip you book through the RY Outfitters Membership will get you $100 off! 

Discover Outdoors

Discover Outdoors (discoveroutdoors.com)

ocal day trips, camping, and international adventures all year round. Want to learn to ice climb? Maybe you want to explore Banff, Jasper and Yoho? Discover Outdoors is a NYC based company that runs outdoor, guided adventure trips that will challenge and inspire you. Their mission is to improve quality of life through meaningful outdoor experiences. Use the RY Outfitters Membership to gain 20% off all of your trips through Discover Outdoors.

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