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Blacktop+ 5-in-1 Foam Roller + Kinesiology Tape Bundle | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Blacktop+ 5-in-1 Foam Roller + Kinesiology Tape Bundle

Kinesiology tape is known for stabilizing injured areas by supporting connective tissues. This gentle lift of the tape allows for better blood and lymphatic flow, which alleviates pressure and reduces swelling!

But Blacktop Plus takes this improvement to the next level, using all-natural enhancements to speed up recovery. Their kinesiology tape is infused with menthol for cooling, capsaicin for warming, and ginger as an anti-inflammatory. These ingredients are well-researched over decades of studies and have proven to make significant impacts.

Blacktop Plus offers uncut rolls of tape, but you may also want to see these pre-cut, body-part-specific shapes. Some are perfect for your shoulders, knees, or hands, wrists, and feet. So, wherever you have pain, Blacktop Plus has the solution.

Need some deeper muscle relief? You might want to check out their 5-in-1 patented, travel-friendly, foam roller. This foam roller is designed to give your muscles various levels of relief. Depending on how deep you need to go, this roller has three distinct sections. 

The bigger, thicker knobs are for intense pressure, like in your shoulders and back, or when you feel pain and inflammation deep into your muscles. On the other end, we have these medium-sized knobs. These are perfect for stimulating blood flow and relieving tension. 

Here in the middle, the smooth zone is simply relaxing when your muscles are too sore to dig into! This roller also has storage space in the middle to store some tape, with two lids that unscrew at either end.

This tape and roller set could not be easier to use! Just apply the tape to the affected area, rub it well, and off you go. You should start feeling results quickly and expect the tape to last for a few days as you improve.

Blacktop Plus’s Kinesiology tape and foam roller will help you improve your warmups, workouts and even recover faster! Plus, They also donate 10% of their profits to several youth sports programs and charities to encourage these programs to grow, providing kids a safe and fun environment to be physically active.

If you’re looking for an all-natural recovery system that works quickly and without pain medication, look no further than Blacktop Plus!

Take Recovery Into Your Own Hands

Blacktop+ 5-in-1 Foam Roller + Kinesiology Tape Bundle

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