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5 in 1 Supplement Solution – No More Supplement Overwhelm

Are you trying to prioritize your health but finding it hard to figure out what supplements and nutrients you need while trying to find something that isn’t hard to swallow or leave a bad taste in your mouth for hours? Well, finding the right supplements doesn’t have to be hard anymore, because BlakeFIT might just have the all in one solution that you’ve been looking for.BlakeFIT was founded by multiple Physique Champion who has overcome both physical and mental obstacles in his journey through education, fitness, and wellness. Unlike most supplement companies that are driven by profit, BlakeFIT’s Everyday Gold was born out of the necessity to heal the brain and body.  Blake was a victim of attempted murder when he was 18, and a traumatic brain injury landed him in a wheelchair and coma. When came out of the coma, unable to have a typical college experience, Blake attended the Brain Injury Department of Virginia Tech where he began his research of nootropics and healing herbs.Born from a place of necessity, BlakeFIT has now created the first all in one daily supplement that prioritizes both mental health and physical health. This supplement, EVERYDAY GOLD is a literal “one stop shop” to maximize quality of life on a daily basis. Their goal at BlakeFIT is to deliver more value per serving than their competition, and make A+ supplementation for the brain and body simple and affordable.

Everyday Gold has three main benefits that we are going to be looking at today: focus, boost and pump.

First, let’s talk about focus. The Nootropic Focus blend increases productivity, focus and defeats procrastination. This replaced Adderall for Blake at Virginia Tech and will give you the increase in productivity you need to move through your days with intention and getting things done.

Then there’s the boost. Everyday Gold has a Dopamine Boost blend that makes boring jobs suck less and good parties even better by priming the brain for happiness and excitement.  This natural daily Dopamine boost blend helped cure Blake’s depression while he was healing and can help you see the best in every situation and become a happier version of you.

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel more happiness?!

Lastly, this supplement has a Pre Workout Pump and Energy Blend that is literal liquid motivation. Even if you don’t workout, you can drink it daily to have the energy to get the most out of life. No more midday coffee runs, Everyday Gold has got you covered.

Not only does it do all that, but it also is a metabolism boost, helps with anti-bloating, takes the place of a multivitamin, provides nutrients for better hair and nails, supports your heart health, and gives you the electrolytes and energy you need to crush your day.

Everyday Gold is your solution to giving yourself better health both mentally and physically without having to choke down half a dozen supplements or chug any gross shakes. So if you’re ready to optimize your health so you can live life to the fullest, you might want to give BlakeFIT a try.

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