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Bôhten Eyewear

Bôhten Eyewear makes sunglasses and eyeglasses with unique shapes and a have awesome luxury style. Their frames are super comfortable but, also impact-resistant. The lenses offer solid UV protection and are anti-reflection and scratch-resistant plus, a Bluelight treatment is available for their sunglasses and eyeglasses Bôhten Eyewear even offers at-home try on (seeing Sunglasses is one thing getting to try them on to see which best fits your face is awesome)!

Despite making awesome unique sunglasses to keep your eyes safe and turn heads as you walk by, Bôhten also does a lot to give back. In fact, Sustainability, accessible eye care, and youth empowerment are a huge keystone of what they are all about. They incorporate sustainable practices in their operations and products and run tree planting programs in Ghana and Kenya to help turn the tide against rising deforestation. They also work with local communities on eyewear education and accessibility and provide employment opportunities to combat some of the highest youth unemployment levels in the world. There are a lot of options for eyewear out there but, having one that you know is doing more than JUST selling sunglasses can be a powerful thing. If you’re looking for stylish glasses, be them of the sun or eye variety, then you should check out Bôhten. Looking good is an incredible thing and helping out communities is even better!

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