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Bolster Elements Of Carry

Let’s face it, leaving the house isn’t exactly as simple as grab-your-keys and go.  There’s your smartphone, AirPods, sunglasses, keys, wallet, keys, MAYBE a small tablet, and that thing that you always forget after you walk out. There’s A LOT of essentials that we walk out the door with that either uncomfortably fills your pockets but, just isn’t enough to justify a backpack.

Modern problems need a modern solution and Bolstr perfectly bridges the gap between backpack and pockets. Bolstrs’ bags or ‘Elements of Carry’ are perfectly sized and minimal carry bags that combine exception style and utility. Their bread and butter is minimal carry options and maximizes function plus, their bags just look pretty incredible. 

They take things to another level with their Pocket Research philosophy: BA7ANCE™. The concept is pretty simple. Bolstr’s designs are made to include all your daily essentials without filling your pockets and are ergonomically made for easy access. 

Why? Because, how many times are you running around making sure you have everything before you leave. Maybe you’re running later you try to grab everything and forget, your wallet, maybe your AirPods. Bolstr’s Elements of Carry are made to help you keep everything together to make life easier and more organized!
All three of these bags are designed to fit your small carry needs from ultra-compact to everything except a laptop. They’re all crossbody wearable and meant to work together. You can optimize in-bag organization and slim your carry as needed. They’re also made from high-performance, military-grade materials and can really go the distance with everyday use wear, and tear.

The Mini Pocket

Bolstr MINI Pocket is the youngest sibling of the Elements of Carry with ample storage for pocket essentials. This bag has four pockets with enough space for credit cards, cash, AirPods, charging cables, but not much more. It comes with a strap with a tension hook included for keys and a sunglass keeper. Looking to replace your wallet with something a little more modern? This is the bag for you.

The Aux Pocket

The Aux Pocket is similar to the Mini Pocket but with a larger capacity to keep your Smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, and AirPods safe and sound while still super easy to access. Think of this bag as an external extra pocket that won’t weigh down your pants and is way easier to access.  This is the perfect accessory for going through airport security. Have your documents ready, and keep your terminal walking essentials in one place: like your watch, AirPods, credit cards, charging cables, gum, etc.

The Small Carry Bag

It’s got five pockets to allow you to carry your smartphone, wallet, passport, keys, sunglasses, Air Pods, and a few other small stuff. Since each item has its own pocket, it’s fairly easy to grab the item you’re looking for without digging through everything else in your bag.

This is the perfect bag for taking photos and video when you need to be fast and moving. Multiple camera batteries, charging cords, USB battery, action camera, sd cards, and it even gives me quick access to a selfie stick. 

Bolstr has put a ton of research and effort into crafting these sleek, ergonomic beauties and are made of the highest quality materials. The primary material used, Dyneema, happens to be one of the lightest and toughest non-woven fabrics known to man, and stronger than steel, plus they’re stain, wind and water-resistant. 

With Bolstr’s Elements of Carry, you’re not just getting a super stylish bag for everyday carry items, you’re getting a bag that will keep you organized and last you a lifetime too.  Our lives usually don’t have one solution for our problems, sometimes you need three.

Grab a Bolstr Bag & Bring Some Much Needed

Organization & Zen into Your Life

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