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Bouldering Gear Checklist

Bouldering Gear Checklist

In the recent past, more and more individuals are engaging in activities that push their bodies to the limit. Bouldering is both an indoor and outdoor intense sport that involves rock climbing on walls or small rocky structures without using harnesses or ropes. The maximum height for bouldering is twenty feet high, which is approximated to be about six meters. This limit is set to minimize the risk of injury. 

Though it may seem risky, the common types of accidents found when bouldering are knee sprains and ankle twists. Despite the fact that the safety precautions like ropes are not used, it is essential to wear a bouldering gear when engaging in this sport. Here are some of what is required before you go for bouldering.

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Climbing Pants from – Livsn Design 

Livsn Designs is an outdoor clothing company and they make it their mission is to produce the highest quality outdoor wear. They employ a team of award-winning designers who are committed to longevity and sustainability. Their name “Livsn” originates from the Swedish word “livsnjutare” which means “an enjoyer of life.” Their clothing is designed for people who value experiences more than stuff. One of their biggest sellers has to be their flex canvas pants, which are slim-fit climbing and outdoor pants that deliver versatility and durability.

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Chalk Bag – Static Climbing

Static Climbing – Chalk Bag is an essential bouldering gear that must be carried during bouldering activities. Static Climbing- chalk bag is uniquely hand made to suit a climber’s needs. It has a high-volume, but it is compact to fit all the material required by the climber. It was created by Taylor Carpenter, who made them available in a variety of designs and colors.

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Climbing and Health Supplements – NutriClimb

NutriClimb is not an absolute requirement for climbers, but it is recommended that one should have it primarily for professional climbers or beginner climbers. It boosts the energy level and improves the resilience power of the climber. NutriClimb was manufactured by a Canadian Company that specializes in the manufacture of supplements for a human being.

Workout/Climbing Shorts – True Revo

True Revo – shorts are a must-have when engaging in bouldering. True Revo is a Company based in India that specializes in the manufacture of gym friendly clothes and sportswear. Their renowned True Revo – shorts are known to be comfortable against the skin, lightweight, and made up of dry absorptive fabric with strategically placed pockets for keeping personal objects like the phone and wallet. True Revo -shorts are unisex and are designed to be worn by both men and women.

The Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Flying Squirrel Outfitters – for relaxing while your friends climb is a company based in Thailand that majors in the production of outfitter used for outdoor activities. The purpose of the Flying Squirrel Outfitters – for relaxing while your friends climb is to offer an avenue where climbers can relax in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Element

Since its an outdoor activity, one requires the Outdoor Element – tool to fix gear, an innovative tool offered by the Outdoor Element Company. The Outdoor Element – tool to fix gear is a must-carry as it aids in fixing any technical issue that arises during the outdoor stay.

The Lever Gear tool

The Lever Gear – tool to fix gear is an exceptionally compact gear. The Lever Gear – tool to fix gear is a must carry for cyclers. It was a multi-purpose tool used in measuring, cutting, opening, and tightening.

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Climb-On Maps

Climb-On Maps creates approach and walk off maps to get you to climbs faster or take you to unique and remote places. Their maps show detailed directions when climbing and or hiking. They currently offer maps for Joshua Tree, Red Rock Canyon, and Smith Rock, which are a few of the most unique climbing areas in the States. A loose-leaf map book is provided to you (so you just take the pages you need). This is also waterproof in case of extreme weather.

Nakee Butter

Nakee butter is a spread made of peanut butter. Nakee butter is used by individuals who have high energy requirements. It is comprised of natural organic substances like sunflower oil, coconut oil, peanuts, and sea salt. These are rich in carbs food that supply the brain and muscles with energy.

Crash Pad

It is bouldering mats that help climbers not to injure themselves when they fall from relatively short heights seriously. Metolius Magnum Crash pads is among the best-recommended crash pad to be used as a bouldering gear.

Climbing Shoes

The Butroa Climbing shoes are specialized footwear for climbers. The Butroa Climbing shoes are light, comfortable with relatively tight-gripping onto the rocks and hard slippery surfaces.

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