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Brewtality Coffee Co. | RY Outfitters Spotlight

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Fresh Roasted Coffee – Delivered!

Do you love fresh roasted coffee but hate having to leave the house to get it, having to store all the equipment, or deal with the mess? Well, you can officially have your cake and eat it too. 


In today’s spotlight, we’re going to be talking about a company that delivers small batch, freshly roasted coffee directly to your door. Brewtality Coffee, slow roasts specialty micro lot coffee into your deadly fresh cup of anytime brew. They create smooth but bold blends that will keep you caffeinated to your heart’s desire. They even roast orders daily and ship within 24-48 hours to keep every cup as they call it –   #deadlyfresh. So you can get fresh roasted coffee without leaving your house or having to store all the equipment or clean up the mess!


But the good stuff doesn’t stop there when it comes to Brewtality Coffee. They also give back by donating to school music programs to put instruments into the hands of kids.So you can get caffeinated AND give back to kids – it’s a win-win.


Even though Brewtality Coffee has dozens of incredible coffee blends, today’s spotlight is all about their Heart & Soul Blend. This blend is 16 oz of 100% Arabica, Fair Trade, Organic, and Medium Roast coffee that has origins to where coffee all began in Colombia and Ethiopia.


Ethiopia is where it’s thought that the first ever Arabica coffee plants grew somewhere around the Sidamo region. The beans that grow there today still maintain a certain wildness when it comes to flavor and acidity. The other portion of the Heart & Soul Blend has been perfected using an African and Colombian blend that has a sweet, medium body with notes of chocolate, vanilla and sweet berries. 


Why does all of that matter? Because it creates the perfect aroma for your anytime pick me up. Just think about it, what’s the first thing that hits you before taking a sip of your coffee? The aroma! And that’s why Brewtality has poured their heart and soul into making this blend. Pun intended! But best of all, they offer 4 different grind types so you can customize it for your preferences. 


You don’t have to wait in long lines or store equipment to get freshly roasted coffee anymore. With Brewtality Coffee Co., you can get your favorite blend delivered directly to your door within 24-48 hours of being roasted. So if you’re ready to get the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had in your life, in your own home – give Brewtality Coffee Co. and the Heart & Soul Blend a try!


Get yours here:https://www.brewtality.coffee/collections/the-blends/products/heart-soul-blend-medium-roast



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