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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: #45 Bulletprufe Denim – Damn near indestructible jeans & chinos. Founder Will Fisher Sharing His Story

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Just because you totally rip (Bro), doesn’t mean your pants should too.

Hop on the Bulletprufe Denim train where the next stop is always a fashionable adventure experience (Choo Choo)

To find out more behind how Bulletprufe Denim got its start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Bulletprufe Denim founder, Will Fisher

More about the episode…

Josh sits down with Bulletprufe Denim founder Will Fisher. Throughout the history of invention and production there is one factor that remains consistent throughout. Most great ideas are born through necessity or road blocks and Bulletprufe Denim is no different. Will Fisher made his first pair of Bulletprufe Denim in a search to find a pair of trousers that would hold up even after taking the heartiest of beatings. It wasn’t until he was churning out 25 pairs of Bulletprufe Denim that he even considered taking it to market. Join us in our 45th episode of the RY Outfitters podcast as Will enthralls us with a quick history lesson, how Bulletprufe Denim came to be, and where it’s headed.

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Show Notes

  • What is Bulletprufe Denim all about?
    • “The whole point of Bulletprufe is we want to make jeans that last forever. There’s a million other pairs of technical pants on the market…but, when I started on this I specifically did not want them to look technical. I wanted them to look like a completely normal pair of high thigh-pocket jeans…our saying is ‘damn near indestructible jeans and chinos’ and we back it up with a lifetime guarantee…”
  • How long did it take you to get through your prototyping process?
    • “I would say to get the current line probably four years… My friend Zachary is a professional BMX rider so, he wanted a pair; and he rode them and ripped them to shreds so we knew we’d need another fabric blend, so we tweaked the fabric…”
  • Were you into the outdoors growing up?
    • Skating, doing outside stuff, big into mountain biking, hiking. I did a lot of stuff at the beach which is not terribly applicable to jeans. At the beginning of Bulletprufe, skating seemed like such a natural market and some of the people I knew that was what they were into and it’s a great test ground for it…”

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  • What has your growth been like since you started in 2011?
    • “At first we started off with the two pairs and I think we went up to six pairs. Then I had 20 pairs made and after that we just figured we should start selling them…We signed up for a $9.99 website, you should have seen it it was pretty rough…”
  • What is your commitment to sustainable manufacturing?
    • “Every couple months I go down the road of trying to piece it together. The problem is that after the passage of NAFTA, essentially opening trade moved all the factories to Mexico. When China joined the WTO and got most favored nation status, they shipped all the textile infrastructure overseas…We have to have our fabric custom made and that makes everything more complicated. I found some places in the southeast, LA, and NY, but, none of them are vertically integrated so they can’t do everything…they have to go to four to six different places…we really want to keep our price point under $100”
  • What is one of the hardest parts about building Bulletprufe Denim?
    • I’d say the biggest part is to be passionate about it…When I started Bulletprufe there were a lot of times when I really questioned it… but every time I wore my jeans I loved them. I was passionate about it and it just kept me going. I was working another full time job for more than the first half of Bulletprufe’s life…If you don’t care about it you’re not going to go the extra mile…”
  • What is the best part about running Bulletprufe Denim?
    • “I’d say it’s the people. I’ve met so many of our customers and 99% of our customers are somebody who I would love to hit the trail and go grab a beer with afterwards…I found I have a lot in common with our customers…”


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