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The Acros is an extremely comfortable down-camber climbing shoe best suited for steep sport climbing and bouldering. With it’s larger toe box, toe-hooks are a breeze while it’s reinforced heel cup provides plenty of support while heel hooking, as well. The Acro is made up of a mix of leather and synthetic padding which offers a little more flexibility than your average shoe while offering ample stability. Though the Acro is not Butora’s only wide option, having that choice available is a breath of fresh air, especially for those with a wider foot. We were blown away by the performance and feel of this shoe from the get-go.


  • Butora’s own NEO Fuse Sticky Rubber

  • Custom blend ABS injected mid-sole that maintains down-turn for the life of the shoe

  • Large thin sticky rubber toe patch for excellent sensitivity and grip while toe hooking

  • Adjustable, signature triple fork closure system for quick on off and the perfect fit

  • High tension heel rand brings the power to where you need it Awarded best climbing gear by Rock and Ice

Pick up a pair of Butora Acro here and find out more about the brand from our interview with Butora co-owner Bradley Hilbert

Filmed at & Supported by Steep Rock Bouldering


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