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Butora has done it again, creating the next best thing for gym and boulderers alike, the Narsha Tight Fit Climbing Shoe. Making waves with a bold look, its unique rubber pattern on the toe is designed to add additional grip when toe-hooking. With an incredibly aggressive downturned toebox makes this a dream for boulderers and gym climbers. This little number isn’t just beautiful on the outside but has a tremendous amount of unique features added to its design to make it one of the top performing shoes on the market.


  • Aggressive down-camber perfect for bouldering and gym climbing

  • Full Neo rubber coverage of toe and heel to make toe and heel hooks a breeze

  • Unique heel and rand system that stretches four different ways for a perfect fit

  • Adjustable Internal NFS strap for easy, quick, adjustments -Incredibly unique and attractive aesthetic

Pick up a pair of Butora Narsha’s here and find out more about the brand from our interview with Butora co-owner Bradley Hilbert

Filmed at & Supported by Steep Rock Bouldering


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