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#225 Stout Tent – Operational Logistics, Moving Large Products, & How To Take ‘The Plunge’. Co-Founder Caitlyn Stout Sharing Her Story.

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Stout Tent

Proofing that Roughing it

Doesn’t have to be a rough experience

To find out more about how Stout Tent got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Stout Tent co-founder, Caitlyn Stout

More about the episode

Matt sits down with Stout Tent co-founder Caitlyn Stout. Caitlyn and her co-founder (and husband) Jim Stout were fed up with their banking jobs and decided to take the plunge into a venture that would get them closer to what they loved most, the outdoors. Though that tale itself is pretty remarkable, what’s even more captivating is how Caitlyn and Jim went about creating and prototyping their tents. Since they’ve started they have grown hand over fist having built out a bustling rental arm of Stout Tent and even bought out some of their competition. In this episode, Caitlyn reveals some insight on Stout Tent’s operational logistics, the struggles of moving large product nationally, and taking ‘The Plunge’

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Show Notes/Timestamps:

  • 02:48 — Who are You? Who is Caitlyn Stout?

  • 03:22 — What is Stout Tent?

  • 03:51 — What’s your background in? Why did you start Stout Tent?

  • 06:28 — How did you develop your products? What testing went into it? What was that process like?

  • 12:00 — What are some of the challenges of managing both a retail and rental piece of your business?

  • 15:10 — Do you generate a lot of feedback on your products from the rental side of your business?

  • 17:15 — How do you manage storage for such large products?

  • 19:41 — How do you manage the logistics of shipping, with such a large footprint and a strong rental program

  • 21:22 — How has COVID affected your business?

  • 25:32 — What has the growth been like since you’ve officially launched in 2013?

  • 27:28 — What has been the hardest part of starting your business?

  • 27:56 — Caitlyn shares the nightmarish experience of her first event

  • 32:45 — What advice would you give to someone that wanted to start a business?

  • 34:42 — What’s the best part of running your company?



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