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White Duck Outdoors

Long before the arrival of tents made of carbon fiber poles and synthetic materials, canvas tents kept intrepid adventurers dry and warm.  This tried and true design is still alive and well thanks to White Duck Outdoors.  Whether you are camping with the whole family or just solo, the White Duck tents have got you “covered”.  Durable canvas and a layer of duck down enable the tents to withstand bitter winter cold, while modular door flaps allow for maximum airflow during the warmer months.  The sturdy construction keeps the tent upright even in gnarly wind.  This is one piece of camping gear you need.  It will keep you comfy and cozy, and be the centerpiece of your group’s campsite.

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Glacial Gaiter

Capitalizing on the popularity of the tube-like bandanas/scarves that have become popular, Glacial Gear has improved on the design.  The Glacial Gaiter is on the list of camping gear you need.  Made of Merino wool, the odor resistant and water managing fabric is perfect for any season or outdoor activity. It can protect the mouth and nose from dust or insects, or be worn like a bandana to warm the ears.  The possibilities are about as endless as the color selection offered by Glacial Gear!  Grab one today and thank us after your next camping trip.

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LiteAF Packs

Load up everything you need for a day on the trail, and take it wherever you want!  The voluminous yet lightweight packs from LiteAF live up to their name, and have a “barely-there” feel when you are wearing them.  Unlike other big box brands, they custom make their products to make sure they fit you perfectly, which is a big deal when it comes to hiking and backpacking.  In addition to custom sizing, they do personalized colors and designs.  All of this awesomeness in one backpack means that LiteAF bags are hiking gear essentials.

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Lever Gear

A classic saying states that, “if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”, and it is quite relevant for hiking and outdoor adventures.  Having the proper footwear, clothes, and gear is crucial to a fun and successful hike.  However, since you are contending with the wild unpredictable nature of the outdoors, it is best to have tools for every possible scenario.  This ready-for-anything mindset is what inspired the creators of Lever Gear, who are leaders in the EDC(everyday carry) industry.  Our favorite item of theirs is the toolcard pro, which is a piece of camping gear we don’t want to live without. The Toolcard Pro is a minimal money clip that secretly hides 40 different tools in its construction.  From a bottle opener to a screwdriver head, this versatile piece of gear means you are ready for anything on and off the trail.

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Outdoor Element

Upgrade your camping gear with Outdoor Element, and brave the winter cold with their awesome products.  While they make a wide range of quality camping tools, their most popular is the Firebiner.  The utility of a normal carabiner is upgraded by multifunction additions such as a bottle opener, screwdriver bit and blade.  However, the secret weapon is a special part that creates sparks.  Billy Joel didn’t start the fire, you did, using your Outdoor Element Firebiner.  Better call Billy and let him know that this is one piece of camping gear you don’t want to live without.

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Forsake Footwear

The most important gear needed for hiking is footwear.  No matter the trail or the weather, trek confidently with boots and shoes from Forsake Footwear.  They have designed every shoe with hiking in mind, and you can see the proof in each model.  Waterproof leather uppers, supportive midsoles, and grippy Vibram soles all are standard for Forsake Footwear shoes and boots.  When it comes to preparing for a hike, our top hiking gear pick for footwear is an easy choice.  Try Forsake Footwear and your feet will thank you!

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VECTO Water Container

Cnoc, in Old Irish, means hill or elevated place.  Surely, your hiking adventures will take you over many such features, and the gear from Cnoc will aid you along the way.  A sustainable manufacturer of high-quality goods, this company is a no brainer for our list of hiking gear essentials.  Our favorite piece of gear from them is their VECTO water containers.  These collapsible bladders are made from long-lasting material, and feature a wide opening on one end, and a threaded cap on the other.  The large opening is meant to make filling it up a cinch, and when it is empty, it easily fits in your pack.  The VECTO water container also is designed to be used as a purification system, for long hikes with water sources along the way.  Simply open up the container, fill it with water from a stream or river, and then thread on their proprietary filter.  Stay hydrated and ready for any scenario with this innovative water container from Cnoc.

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Roman Trail Outfitters

Ancient Roman soldiers had to travel many hundreds of miles, all made possible by their world class roads.  These highways were the cutting edge for the time, and were created by their supreme engineering skills.  The same attention to craftsmanship and design can be found in the brand Roman Trail Outfitters, which is why they are hiking gear essentials  From lights to nap-ready sleeping pads, Roman Trail Outfitters will equip you with the essentials to make your camping excursion successful and memorable.

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NCamp Portable Camp Stove

 Make camping and backpacking simple and minimal with an Ncamp stove.  Cooking and boiling water is easier than ever thanks to the simple and durable design. Cook and boil water using simple fuel that you can find anywhere such as sticks, bark, and more.  Kiss costly and weighty gas canisters goodbye.  Once you are done using it, it packs down into a thin and lightweight package.  This innovative stove is a piece of camping gear we don’t want to live without, and is sure to be a conversation and a fire starter.

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Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Enjoy a trailside nap or celebrate the completion of a long hike in comfort with a hammock from Flying Squirrel Outfitters. Their high-quality hammocks come in a variety of colors and sizes that fit your fancy.  Flying Squirrel makes all their products in Thailand, where they hand sew every bag and hammock, promoting fair and safe working opportunities for women.  We added their amazing hammocks to our list of essential hiking gear picks, and you should add it to your next shopping list.

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Voormi Apparel

Hiking during the fall and spring guarantees unrivaled views and scenery.  Leaves change color, mountains begin to be shrouded in snow, and rivers freeze over.  While the temperatures drop, don’t let that keep you indoors.  Don woolen apparel from Voormi and safely explore during these amazing seasons.  Voormi creates clothing for all outdoor activities, and will keep you dry, warm, and on the trail no matter what.  When it comes to durable, sustainable clothing, Voormi is a cold-weather hiking gear essential.

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Caffeine Infused Chocolate

Have you ever been on the trail and suddenly felt like you’ve hit an invisible wall?  “Bonking” or hitting the wall is a common occurrence for hikers and runners, and is attributed to lack of nutrients and energy.  You can avoid this on your hikes by properly refueling as you go.  Our favorite way to do so is with snacks from Joe Chocolate Co.  Responsibly sourced chocolate is delicately infused with coffee to provide extra caffeine.  Not only do the snacks give us much needed fuel, they add a pep to our step!  We put their chocolate snacks on our list of top hiking gear picks, and will always have a bag or two in our packs.

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Is it possible to have camping gear that is featherlight, yet durable?  Could something that weighs almost nothing be able to withstand the elements for years of outdoor use?  Hyperlite says “yes” to these questions, with their trademark tents and bags as proof.  Cutting edge design is seen in every corner of their gear, and true to their name, each product is impossibly light.  Their Daybreak backpack is a hiking gear essential.  It is rugged, waterproof, loaded with places to stash gear, and weighs only 20 oz.

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Enlightened Equipment

When the weather gets frigid and the sun goes down, hikers know it is time to cozy up in their down jackets.  Enlightened Equipment makes outstanding down jackets, and they will keep your warm, even if you are out standing in the cold!  With ample, sustainably sourced down, you will stay warm no matter how far down the mercury dips.  Don’t fret over the price tag, as your jacket will last you a lifetime of adventures.  Without a doubt, these down jackets are hiking gear essentials.

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Oral Care Tooth Tabs

While camping provides a break from the hustle and bustle of civilization, it isn’t the time to stop acting civilized.  Brushing your teeth and applying deodorant is still recommended, especially for the sake of your camping companions!  Next time you go camping, skip bringing along your tube of toothpaste, and opt for the oral care tooth tabs from Frau Fowler.  They naturally cleanse your teeth and are infused with breath freshening essential oils.  This really is one piece of camping gear you need; it makes packing easier as you can just throw these into your camping bag for future outdoor endeavors.

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