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CaniBrands Full Spectrum CBD Products | RY Outfitters Spotlight



CaniBrands makes CBD products, each designed with a specific function to help you get the most out of their products for whatever kind of support you’re looking for. Their Unique formulations include broad-spectrum CBD, vitamins, herbal extracts, all carefully combined in a way to get the most out of your CBD.

They offer four different experiences to address specific areas of health. Their Cani-Mend line is designed to address muscle repair, recovery, pain, and inflammation. Their Cani-Sleep line is designed to help improve the quality of sleep & rest. Their Cani-Fresh line is designed for stress management. Lastly, their Cani-Boost line is designed to help with focus & Energy (think of this one as your morning/pre-workout CBD support).

CaniBrands products are doctor-formulated not only with CBD but with a variety of cannabinoids vitamins, herbal extracts, and nutraceuticals that are specially designed to enhance the benefits of CBD and work better together to help customers feel amazing. Their products are safe, trusted, lab-tested, all-natural, and non-habit-forming unlike many other prescription solutions, particularly in the context of pain management, sleep, and anxiety. If you’re looking for your CBD product to do its job and do it well, the CaniBrands might be worth checking out!

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