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CleverMade Cardiff Backpack Cooler | RY Outfitters First Look

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Cardiff Backpack Cooler

Coolers are a staple of summer, travel, and beverage enthusiasts alike but, there’s nothing more disappointing than having your cooler leak on you. CleverMade saw this, they acknowledged it and then built a backpack cooler that completely removes this from the equation. The Cardiff Backpack Cooler is a lightweight cooler with ample storage space, extra compartments for snacks or extra gear you want to bring, and even a micro-fiber lined pouch to keep mobile devices safe. Not only does the Cardiff Backpack Cooler keep beverages cold all day it is fully leakproof so you can venture out from basecamp without worrying about a soaking wet setup when you come back (only cold brews). More importantly, you can travel without worrying about a soaking wet back!

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