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Chips Ultra + Wick-Fit Headband

The Chips Ultra wireless snow helmet audio system and wick-fit headband offer incredible audio that’s super convenient to integrate into your helmet. For starters, the Chips Ultra comes equipped with expertly-tuned 40mm drivers to create incredible sound in your helmet. The audio quality is actually pretty impressive especially for wireless headphones meant for your helmet and these things are LOUD. The Bluetooth connection, built-in microphone, and simple (and large) button interface of the Chips Ultra’s navigate answering phone calls without taking off your gloves. Want to keep jamming out when you’re not on the snow? No problem The Chips Ultra audio system can be used with the wick-fit headband to use for runs and cross-training. The icing on this melodic cake is The Chips Ultra comes with a wireless charging case to keep your audio system fully charged and safe when you’re not using it. The Chips Ultra wireless snow helmet audio system is an incredible option to give your shredding a soundtrack and the Wick-Fit Headband makes it easy to keep the vibes going when you’re off the snow.

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