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Climbing Essentials – Gear You Will Miss On Your Next Climbing Trip

They are the first to rise for that stunning mountain top view. They scale the tallest peaks, and go immediately on to plan the next ascent. Their stories and journeys are unique and beautiful, and their clothing is nothing short of the same. Outdoor adventure seekers are each unique in their own way, and their gear should be able to reflect their individualism. Gear up with these unique outdoor clothing brands that will look good, feel good, and do good by the planet. 


Static Climbing Chalk Bag

Keep your chalk at the ready, and do it with a style that reflects you.  Static Climbing sews unique and high quality chalk bags and buckets out of California, where local artists design them.  High quality and head turning are the two best phrases that describe Static Climbing products, and they are sure to be an essential piece of gear you will miss on your next trip.

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Rhino Skin Solutions

Scaling granite walls or battling sandstone boulders takes a toll on your hands, namely the skin.  Once that dermal layer is damaged or worn off, it makes gripping painful or even impossible.  Fortunately, Rhino Skin Solutions has a myriad of products designed to protect, heal, and revitalize your skin.  From post climb skin care salves, to moisture controlling sprays to help during a climb, Rhino Skin Solutions will help you get up your project and be ready to tackle the next one tomorrow. Just don’t forget it at home, as your skin will definitely miss its Rhino Skin.   

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Are you looking to tackle a long pumpy route, and want to be able to climb longer each outing, or just need to recover faster for the next day’s climbing?  If so, Nutriclimb is an essential that you don’t want to miss on your next trip.  All natural and powerful, this caffeine free, gluten free, and vegan supplement is designed specifically for climbers. You will miss out on added energy and potentially a few extra sends if you leave this at home. 

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Climb-On Maps

Spend less time finding the crag, and more time climbing!  That is the goal of Climb-on Maps creators, who have meticulously compiled maps of some of the west’s most popular climbing areas.  Detailed information and step by step guides will bring you from your car to the climb without hassle, and inform of other relevant information such as camping sites and boundaries.  The maps are durable and boast waterproof and tearproof qualities, and are a must have on your next climbing trip to one of the west’s rock meccas. If you keep missing the trailhead, then this is a climbing essential that you’ll miss on your next trip. 

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Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorizers

We all dread the moment of opening our gear bag after it has sat dormant, and we anticipate the dank smell of sweat laden climbing shoes.  With the Boot Banana, fear the funk no more.  Cloth “bananas” house minerals and salts specially curated to deodorize.  Don’t miss out on this climbing essential, for your nose’s sake! 

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Yy Vertical Plasfun Belay Glasses

Combat neck soreness while belaying long pitches with belay glasses from Yy.  The low profile design lets you observe your surroundings in your peripherals, while keeping an eye on your climber, all while keeping your neck in a natural position.  

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Holdbreaker Climbing Bra

Okay all you lady crushers out there, the Holdbreaker Climbing Bra is for you. When you are on the rock wall the last thing you want to think about is the way your bra is fitting. Yet, so many sports bras are uncomfortable and made of a non-breathable fabric.  Holdbreaker knows the pain of pinching bra straps, elastic that is too tight, and a fit that does not truly fit the woman’s body, which is why they created a bra just for climbing. They used top of the line durable fabric that is breathable and lightweight, as well as a design to accommodate all the moves needed on the wall, and consequently improving your climbing trip! 

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Metolius Climbing Tape

Whether supporting tendons and pulleys or protecting your hands for a crack climb, turn to Metolius climbing tape to get the job done.  Strong and robust construction translates to all day use without needing to reapply. Make sure do you not miss out on a full day of climbing due to worn out skin, and bring the Metolius Climbing Tape with you! 

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