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Gear to Bring While Climbing Joshua Tree

Are you planning to hike and or climb at Joshua Tree National Park? It is a scenic national park where two deserts meet in California. Listed below are gear that is recommended to bring on your journey.


Boulder Denim

When hiking and or climbing, you always need to wear comfortable and weather durable clothing. Boulder Denim is a brand of clothing, for men and women, that has the best stretch jeans. Jeans that have a stretch to them are perfect for hiking and climbing because you are going to be walking long distances and or stretching your body climbing uphill. Stretchy jeans are breathable and will allow you to feel comfortable on your journey through Joshua Tree. This brand has other clothing as well; like puffy jackets, light weight hoodies, and crew neck sweaters. Boulder Denim’s clothing is water and stain resistant for washing and has pockets. They also have a collection distinctively for climbing with apparel and accessories.


Outdoor Element

Outdoor Element is a brand that sells adventure survivor gear. This is a perfect website to search for gear to bring while climbing Joshua Tree. Outdoor Element is a Colorado Company that encourages everyone to explore the outdoors. Specifically, they sell whistles, fire escapes, firebiners, kodiak survival paracord bracelets, knife sets, fiber light fire kits, tinder kits, maintenance kits, wheel covers, clips, filters, and more. It is important that you prepare yourself properly before any type of climb and make sure that you have the necessary equipment incase of an emergency of any sort.


Ombraz Sunglasses

Ombraz Sunglasses is a brand that sells armless sunglasses with handmade frames. There is a cord attached to the frames to keep them in place on your face. These sunglasses are perfect for climbing because they will stay put on your face while also protecting your eyes from the bright sun. These sunglasses are promised to be comfortable, durable, secure, superior optics, and packable by the brand. For each pair of sunglasses bought, this brand has arranged for 20 trees to be planted.

Huppy Bar

Huppy Bar is a brand that sells inspired nutrition handcrafted nut and seed bars. These nutrition bars can provide you with the energy-driven nutrients you need to climb Joshua Tree. These bars are healthy and are low in sugar. They also have no GMOs, preservatives, dairy, soy, gluten, or refined sugar. Lyndsay “Huppy” Hupp is the founder of this delicious bar that can be enjoyed before, during, or after your climb. These bars can be bought in singles or in a dozen and there are multiple different flavors.


Static Climbing

Static Climbing is a brand that sells handcrafted chalk bags, buckets, and mini duffels for climbing. In Static Climbing’s words, it’s all about the quality and they provide a lifetime warranty on their products. This brand sells the perfect bags that you should use to take on your climb through Joshua Tree. When looking at their catalog online, you can find their classic collection, their waxed canvas series, their artist series, their nomad collection, chalk buckets, waxed canvas mini duffels, accessories, and gift cards. As you can see, they have it all when it comes to climbing carrying equipment.


Rhino Skin Solutions

Rhino Skin Solutions is a brand that sells non-greasy skincare products. These products were first developed in Oregon to help combat damage of the skin from rough rock. Rhino Skin Solutions sells hand sanitizer to keep you cleansed on your climb, repair cream, performance cream, rhino spit for those with dry hands, combo packs and travel kits. These products are the perfect gear to bring while climbing Joshua Tree.


Lever Gear

Lever Gear is a brand that sells premium everyday carry gear. They sell products that can assist you in climbing Joshua Tree. Some of these products include the ToolCard Pro lever, the BitVault Lever, a CableKit, curated EDC, wallets, belt grips, and more.


LIVSN Designs

LIVSN Designs is a brand that sells sustainable outdoor clothing. This clothing is worth a look if you are wanting to climb and or hike through Joshua Tree. These clothing pieces have a refined fit and are made durable for the outdoors. This brands interest is in high-quality clothing and functional designs that can sustain the outdoors. Their clothing products include tops, bottoms, headwear, and accessories. They use only organic and recycled materials and make their clothing from cotton, nylon, polyester, and wool.


Nutra Climb

Nutra Climb, also known as NutriClimb, is a brand that sells supplements for climbers. If you are planning to climb Joshua Tree, you need to take the proper supplements to prepare your body for such a journey. These supplements are said to sustain your energy that lasts through the duration of your climb and increase your power. This brand made these supplements to help climbers become healthier and stronger. They sell climber pre-workout along with tanks for women and men.


Climb-On Maps

Climb-On Maps creates approach and walk off maps to get you to climbs faster or take you to unique and remote places. Their maps show detailed directions when climbing and or hiking at a variety of locations, including Joshua Tree. You can purchase a Joshua Tree map, which will show you trails, trail difficulties, orientation photos, and at-a-glance Crag Summaries for over 640 crags/walks. A loose-leaf map book is provided to you (so you just take the pages you need). This is also waterproof in case of extreme weather.

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Phoozy is a brand that sells thermal capsules for your cell phone to protect it from damage. This is perfect for climbing Joshua Tree because if you drop your cell phone, you do not have to worry about damage that may occur. The phoozy can be purchased for an apple cell phone, Samsung cell phone, google chrome or pixel cell phone, and other phones and tablets. It has sun and heat protection with a chromium thermal barrier, cold and snow protection, drop protection, float protection, a protective lining, and slim design. Before you hike and or climb Joshua Tree, look up each of these gear items to purchase for your journey to assist you in having a successful experience.

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