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Climbing Gear to Improve your Climbing Trips

The best day of the week for a climber is any day they are outside on the rock, and days in between are spent dreaming and planning epic trips and adventures.  Whether you boulder, sport or trad climb, or all of the above, these powerful products will improve your climbing trip, before, during and after.

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Boulder Denim

Before the harness and shoes go on, you already are geared for success with Boulder Denim.  Made from organic cotton, these climbing specific pants are soft, flexible, and tough.  Stitching details like a gusseted crotch allow for movement, while cordura is woven into the fabric to make them tougher than the average pair of jeans.  A hidden zipper pocket holds your phone so you can nab a victory selfie at the top.  

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Butora Climbing Shoes

When all that is holding you to the wall is a barely visible footchip, you rely on your footwork and your footwear to keep you upright and moving upwards.  Slip on, strap on, or lace up a pair of Butoras to help you get the job done, and do it with style too.  A myriad of styles from flat to aggressive come armed with sticky proprietary Neo rubber that smears, edges, and performs on all rock types.  Perhaps, best of all, you can nab your favorite model in narrow or wide options, a real game changer in the climbing shoe industry.  

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Huppy Bar

Fuel up on your adventure with Huppy Bars.  Created in Arizona, where year round climbing abounds, these natural snacks live on the corner of healthy, great tasting, and nutritious.  A wide selection of flavors are available from chocolate to fruit forward options, although our favorite is the Wild Mesquite. 

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Static Climbing

Keep your chalk at the ready, and do it with a style that reflects you.  Static Climbing sews unique and durable chalk bags and buckets out of California, where local artists design them.  High quality and head turning are the two best phrases that describe Static Climbing products, and they are sure to be on every climber’s wish list. 

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Rhino Skin Solutions 

Scaling granite walls or battling sandstone boulders takes a toll on your hands, namely the skin.  Once that dermal layer is damaged or worn off, it makes gripping painful or even impossible.  Fortunately, Rhino Skin Solutions has a myriad of products designed to protect, heal, and revitalize your skin.  From post climb skin care salves, to moisture controlling sprays to assist you during a climb, Rhino Skin Solutions will help you get up your project and be ready to tackle the next one tomorrow.   

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Livsn Designs

Sustainable, comfortable, and durable are the hallmarks of Livsn Designs.  Their flagship product, the flex canvas pants, are meant to go from the crag to cafe with stylish looks but uncompromising performance.  Organic and recycled materials mean that these pants are easy on Mother Earth, but tough and thoughtful construction means you don’t have to go easy on them.  

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Climb-on Maps

Spend less time finding the crag, and more time climbing!  That is the goal of Climb-on Maps creators, who have meticulously compiled maps of some of the west’s most popular climbing areas.  Detailed information and step by step guides will bring you from your car to the climb without hassle, and inform of other relevant information such as camping sites and boundaries.  The maps are durable and boast waterproof and tearproof qualities, and are a must have on your next climbing trip to one of the west’s rock meccas.   

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Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Whether you are relaxing in between climbs, or kicking back at base camp, do it in comfort with a hammock from Flying Squirrel Outfitters.  Their high quality hammocks come in a variety of colors and sizes that fit your fancy.  Flying Squirrel makes all their products in Thailand, where they hand sew every bag and hammock, promoting fair and safe work opportunities for women.  

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The Phoozy 

Your all day rock climbing adventures are a foray into nature and expose you and your gear to the elements.  Your phone and other sensitive electronics aren’t as adaptable as you. Hot temperatures can shut a device down, while cold weather will drain a battery in not time at all.  With a Phoozy, you can combat the elements and keep your device charged and functional, no matter the weather.  

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Asana Crash Pads

Push past the crux on your bouldering project knowing that your landing is safely covered by your Asana crash pad.  These premier pads come in a variety of sizes and colors, and are made in the United States. A safer climbing trip is an improved climbing trip. 

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Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

You’ve likely seen the Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket at the gym or local crag, as they are one of the best choices for chalk storage.  What you haven’t seen is any two chalk buckets that are alike.  Each bucket is a one-of-a-kind design. With this calk bucket, you can extend your climbing trip that much more! 

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Metolius Climbing Tape

Whether supporting tendons and pulleys or protecting your hands for a crack climb, turn to Metolius climbing tape to get the job done.  Strong and robust construction translates to all day use without needing to reapply, improving your climbing trip and making your trip that much longer. 

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Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorizers   

We all dread the moment of opening our gear bag after it has sat dormant, and we anticipate the dank smell of sweat laden climbing shoes.  With the Boot Banana, fear the funk no more.  Cloth “bananas” house minerals and salts specially curated to deodorize. A better smelling climbing trip may not enhance your climbing experience but it certainly can improve your ride home!  

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YY Vertical Plasfun Belay Glasses

Combat neck soreness while belaying long pitches with belay glasses from Yy.  The low profile design lets you observe your surroundings in your peripherals, while keeping an eye on your climber and keeping your neck in a natural position. 

The mountains are calling, and you must go climb them. Bring these products along to improve your climbing trips and keep you going even longer when you are scaling those rocks!   

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